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Bored with your everyday routine of shuffling back and forth from work to home? Whether it's waking up everyday at 7:00 AM and going to the same coffee shop and ordering the same coffee, getting comfortable in your everyday routine is risky. But it's time to break free from your little fears and inhibitions and venture out of your comfort zone to have a little fun.

04:25:02 on 24 Feb

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Dating terms you need to know in 2019

Do you believe in ‘Grandeing’ or are you guilty of ‘Caking’ the object of your affection? If you are wondering what these terms are, you need to tune in to the lingo used by millennials. They are the ones responsible for coming up with these new-age relationship terms. Here’s what you need to know if you plan to play the field.

03:55:01 on 24 Feb

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A handwoven Kota saree, one of Sridevi’s favorites, is on auction online ahead of her first death anniversary, which falls on Sunday. The amount will be directed towards a cause. According to Parisera, the online platform hosting the auction ‘Being Generous, With Sridevi’, the Kapoor family has decided to donate the proceeds from the auction to Concern India Foundation.

09:25:01 on 23 Feb

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From Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Rock, and most recently Jimmy Kimmel, there’s a lot that’s been said on the Oscars stage and most of it, immensely rib-tickling. Ahead of the 91st Academy Awards tomorrow night (Monday morning as per IST), here’s a list of some of the best-heard lines and opening speeches on the Oscars.

07:46:42 on 23 Feb

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If you are looking to lose weight, then it is imperative to keep a check on your health and plan realistic goals for yourself. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, the first step is to set realistic goals that you can achieve easily; moreover, regular exercise is also imperative. For many, even the thought of fitting exercise in after a busy day at work can be tiring.

06:23:28 on 23 Feb

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Heart Warming Donations to Pulwama Martyrs

After the cowardly attack on CRPF Jawans in the district of Pulwama on February 14th, people have come together to help and donate money to the families of the martyrs. But some of the donations made to the martyrs were truly heartwarming. Let's take a look at some of the true patriots of the nation.

02:55:43 on 23 Feb

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Master these to improve core strength, balance and posture, says the founder of London’s Body Machine fitness studio. TRX Plank – best for core strength; TRX Lunge – targets single leg strength and stability. Perfect for improving balance; TRX Y Deltoid Fly combined with T Deltoid Fly – strengthens shoulder muscles, improves shoulder mobility and posture.

01:32:32 on 23 Feb

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A California couple pleaded guilty Friday to imprisoning and torturing 12 of their 13 children in a grisly “house of horrors” case that gained international attention. According to excerpts of the call released during court proceedings, she told the dispatcher that two of her siblings were chained to their beds so tightly that their skin was bruised.

01:05:56 on 23 Feb

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With Queen set to open and Bradley Cooper singing live with Lady Gaga, the 91st Academy Awards are sure to be thrilling. Really, who needs a host when you’ve got Queen as an opening act? When the Oscars get underway on Sunday, it will be the legendary rock band, and not a traditional tux-wearing host, taking centre stage to kick off Hollywood’s biggest night.

12:48:13 on 23 Feb

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In January, artist Indu Harikumar received a direct message from a “regular stranger” on Instagram. “Men only notice my breasts as if the rest of me doesn’t even exist,” it said. The message was in response to Harikumar’s Instagram stories, in which she regularly asks questions about body issues, sexuality and dating to spark conversations.

12:21:33 on 23 Feb

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Food and religion have always been closely tied, enmeshed in ritual and often embroiled in controversy. They can come together to create traditions that are beautiful and poignant, but they can also combine to create divisive controversy. Although this is a book that has recipes, it is not a recipe book. Bhagwaan ke Pakwaanis filled with grace, humour and compassion.

12:17:30 on 23 Feb

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Old-world charm meets Instagram appeal—coin jewellery ties in the new and the old like none other. Reminiscent of Ancient Greek coins and somewhat Indian, the trend of replacing charms with coins is slowly but surely catching on. It’s not the first time we are lusting after this style of jewellery—coin-inspired pieces were a big hit a couple of years ago, too.

12:10:25 on 23 Feb

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Everyone is on their journey and no two can be compared. Same can be said of celebrities who are exploring their sartorial expression. Between red carpet glamour, champions of monotone, baby showers and more, celebrities were seen in a host of looks. Here’s our pick of the most well-put-together outfits seen on Bollywood stars and international fashion icons.

12:08:41 on 23 Feb

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It’s officially wedding season when you see the country’s most eligible singles tie the knot in the most extravagant and beautiful ceremonies. Taking inspiration from four real brides, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and our very own Bhavana, we have their looks decoded from their wedding festivities.

12:06:27 on 23 Feb

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From Dolly Parton to the dorky third cousin who friended you on Facebook, it would seem every man and his dog has jumped on the "distracted boyfriend" bandwagon at one time or another. But could the widely shared stock image, which shows a man checking out another woman while out with his girlfriend, have been inspired in its turn by this 1950s photo?

11:48:12 on 23 Feb

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A Karachi Bakery outlet in Bengaluru was forced to cover up the word 'Karachi' on its main name board on Friday, after a mob protesting the reference to Pakistan gathered in front of it. This comes more than a week after 49 CRPF personnel were killed in a terror attack in Kashmir's Pulwama district.
Despite the incident, the bakery operated till 11 pm.

11:44:56 on 23 Feb

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Controversial animal activist group PETA is under fire over a series of tweets accusing Google of "fawning" over Steve Irwin. The backlash was swift and severe, with the group being accused of seeking publicity. The organisation doubled down on its statements and is yet to issue an apology. It is not the first time the group has come under fire.

11:28:19 on 23 Feb

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If you’re in the US, looks like your sunscreen shopping is going to become easier and safer. The FDA of the country has decided to introduce new guidelines for the sale of sunscreen which it shared on Thursday 21 February. They include pointers like how to apply sunscreen, sunscreen for infants, how to store it and how to read the labels and what they mean.

05:27:01 on 23 Feb

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Consumption of allium vegetables including garlic, onion and leek, is associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer, researchers say. Colorectal cancer is the cancer of the colon or rectum, located at the digestive tract’s lower end. For the study, 833 patients of colorectal cancer were matched to 833 healthy controls by age, sex and residence area.

04:57:02 on 23 Feb

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Esha Gupta is known to experiment with her fashion choices and manages to carry off every look with utmost elegance. She never really makes a fashion misstep, and her pictures from an event in Abu Dhabi are proof. The model-turned-actor looked stunning in a voluminous pink gown. The Monique Lhuillier gown was perfectly teamed with a sleek necklace and matching earrings.

04:26:01 on 23 Feb

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5 White Dresses To Channel Summer Vibes

The love for whites is surely not going anywhere. What turned out to be one of the hottest style trends last year, is back again to rule the charts. After all, the classic hue works every time when it comes to making chic style statements. And when it concerns pretty white dresses, you are bound to impress in them.

03:26:01 on 23 Feb

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The transparent mirror

Students of Stella Maris College dive into the fictional world of Mahasweta Devi and raise powerful questions against society, through On Both Sides. On Both Sides effortlessly marries Devi’s memorable, strong-as-steel women characters and current issues, leaving the audience with lingering thoughts about everything that is wrong with today’s society.

01:55:01 on 23 Feb

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Women who use personal care products like moisturisers and lipstick — rich in plastic chemicals known as phthalates — during pregnancy may put their babies at the risk of motor skill deficiency in adolescence, a study warns. A motor skill is a learned ability to cause a predetermined movement outcome with maximum certainty.

01:25:01 on 23 Feb

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You can’t control most of what happens to you in life, but the one thing you can control is how you respond. You can control your awareness. You can control your reaction. You can control whether or not you learn and grow and evolve. You can’t choose the cause, but you can choose the effect it has on you.

12:55:01 on 23 Feb

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Growing up, my sister liked to eat the salt that gathers at the bottom of bags of pretzels. She still craves salty foods, and so does her 3-year-old son. On the other hand, I’ve had a lifelong sweet tooth, like our dad. Could genetics play a role in our flavor preferences? A growing body of research suggests a possible link.

12:25:01 on 23 Feb

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While winter brings out the layers in your wardrobe, it does the exact opposite to your hair, stripping it dry of the usual reserves of moisture. The dip in the temperature outdoors takes a direct toll on your tresses. Ahead, we list down the easiest at-home hair masks you can put together with ingredients you already have in your pantry.

11:57:01 on 22 Feb

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The wise Indian sage had known this all along and practised it in routine rituals round the year and through his very long life, staying robust and radiant in body and mind. And now we have a study published in the journal Scientific Reports telling us that fasting increases metabolic activity and may even impart anti-aging benefits.

11:27:01 on 22 Feb

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It sounds just like a flute. Equipped with goggles and a power tool musician, Shady Rabab, has been turning all kinds of trash into musical instruments. By simply drawing on markers as a guide for drilling holes, Rabab turns a glass bottle into a flute. Rabab came up with the idea after discovering people were not able to afford instruments in Egypt.

09:57:01 on 22 Feb

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Giant tortoise re-emerges from extinction

Conservationists in the Galapagos Islands have found a giant tortoise from a species thought to have become extinct more than a century ago. The adult female tortoise was found on the island of Fernandina in the west of the Pacific archipelago and is believed to be a Fernandina Giant Tortoise, also known as Chelonoidis phantasticus, a species last sighted in 1906.

06:01:53 on 22 Feb

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Bollywood celebrities and their airport looks are legendary. Some of the actors make extremely fashionable appearances at the airport which surely seem to be straight out of a designer’s collection, while others might opt for a more chic and cool look. Among them is Deepika, whose airport looks are a combination of style and elegance. Add to that her million dollar smile.

03:08:53 on 22 Feb

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The Saligao Blues: Goa’s global village

When you think of Indian villages, you don’t generally associate them with record-setting modern art sold in London. That’s because when you think of an Indian village, much of what comes to mind doesn’t apply to Goa. To be sure, there’s unlimited pastoral beauty here, complete with gleaming paddy fields leading up to hillside cashew plantations.

02:47:53 on 22 Feb

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Being stylish comes naturally to Kareena Kapoor Khan, who always has her fashion game on point. And with the logomania trend being big at the moment, the Jab We Met actor jumped on the bandwagon and stepped out in a classic black Armani suit which had the brand’s name embossed on it at the waist.

02:34:57 on 22 Feb

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B-Town’s love for the puffer jacket

The longline puffer jacket in metallic and neon hues has been having a moment in both Bollywood and Hollywood. The likes of Ranveer Singh and Kanye West have worn these essentials at the airport with élan bringing out their street appeal. Last week, Varun Dhawan brought back the spotlight on the parka with his nonchalant take on it.

02:19:11 on 22 Feb

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Jean are like can't just have one. Every girl would own at least two to three pair of denim in her wardrobe. You wear them all the time, so why not learn more about all the cuts and silhouettes? Read up on the different styles and see which ones (if not all!) you're drawn to. Here, 16 types you'll want to check out.

01:39:18 on 22 Feb

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HBO is standing by its decision to air a four-hour documentary detailing the stories of two men who accuse Michael Jackson of molestation in the face of a suit filed by Jackson's estate that claims airing the film would be a breach of contract. "Despite the desperate lengths taken to undermine the film, our plans remain unchanged," the network said in a statement to CNN.

01:35:51 on 22 Feb

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Steve Irwin’s life was cut short when he was impaled through the chest by a stingray in 2006 near the Great Barrier Reef. But his legacy remains immense. He was a popular television personality, a zookeeper, science educator, and a conservationist. He would have been 57 years old today, and a Google Doodle not only honours him but also the work he dedicated his life to.

01:33:40 on 22 Feb

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How do you test a vaccine for malaria? Well, you vaccinate people and then give them malaria.
Ideally, this test happens under controlled conditions, so the infected person can recover safely, and in a part of the world without mosquitoes of the species that transmit malaria, so the guinea pig can’t give the disease to anyone else.

01:29:43 on 22 Feb

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If you're in a long-distance relationship then you know how love grows while you are apart and you know how shitty it is to say good-bye again and again. Rachel Sussman, a relationship therapist in New York City, offers some expert-approved hacks to keep your long-distance relationship running as smooth as possible.

01:22:32 on 22 Feb

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PTSD affects 'one in 13 by age of 18'

One in 13 young people in England and Wales experiences post-traumatic stress disorder by the age of 18, the first research of its kind suggests. A study of more than 2,000 18-year-olds found nearly a third had experienced trauma in childhood. And a quarter of these then developed PTSD, which can cause insomnia, flashbacks and feelings of isolation.


01:13:41 on 22 Feb

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Amidst the box office success of her current film Gully Boy, Alia Bhatt also played bridesmaid at friend Devika Advani’s wedding in Delhi. Here are some of the most unmissable pictures and videos (including her dancing to Lamberghini) from inside. Alia Bhatt is winning the internet yet again. The 25-year-old actor was spotted enjoying at her friend's wedding yesterday.

12:51:29 on 22 Feb

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The actor who we all remember shaking a leg in the song Sharara Sharara (Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, 2002) made her debut in 2000 with the movie Mohabbatein. The younger sister of actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra, is a fan of all things fashion, is a disaster when it comes to cooking and hates every kind of diet.

12:42:20 on 22 Feb

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Looks like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had a blast at Sophie Turner's birthday party. The GOT actress blew out 23 candles at her birthday party, glimpses of which have been curated by fan clubs on social media. And to top it all, Priyanka Chopra had the best birthday greeting for her future sister-in-law. Priyanka and Sophie are the 'Jonas sisters' after all!

12:17:13 on 22 Feb

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Alia Bhatt and her stylist, Ami Patel have taken the fashion industry by a storm with their effortless, chic and stylish options. Amidst her work commitments, Alia has taken a little break to attend her BFF's wedding. She was spotted in a gorgeous seafoam lehenga followed by a flirty pink lehenga. The cost of the outfits will leave you in shock.

08:40:03 on 22 Feb

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‘Wurst’ kind of love

Sausages on the menu, sausage motifs on the wallpaper, sausage mobiles hanging from the ceiling and to top it off, a sausage-shaped pillow on your bed. What sounds like a vegetarian's nightmare is the audacious dream-come-true of Claus Boebel, a fourth-generation butcher and proprietor, of what he calls the world's first and only sausage-themed hotel.

01:55:01 on 22 Feb

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Beyond the corporate successes, technological advancements and chrome skyscrapers of the Millennium City lie creative aspirations and stage dreams. Despite the city offering little incentive, there is a strong passion for arts among groups of residents that has resulted in a throbbing theatre scene, led by women of the city.

01:25:02 on 22 Feb

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Masks of all shades, shapes and sizes took over the Gucci catwalk on Wednesday as the Italian luxury label kicked off Milan’s leg of the Autumn/Winter runway season with an eclectic show rich in patterns, colours and headpieces. Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele sent out models in headgear made up of partially and fully covering face masks.

12:55:01 on 22 Feb

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According to a new study conducted by scientists, systemic lupus erythematosus is linked to an abnormal mix of bacteria in the gut. The disease is marked by the attack on joints, skin and kidneys by the body's immune system. The authors of the current study say their experiments are the first detailed evidence of a link between bacterial imbalances in the gut.

11:27:01 on 21 Feb

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Food and religion have always been closely tied, enmeshed in ritual and often embroiled in controversy. They can come together to create traditions that are beautiful and poignant, but they can also combine to create divisive controversy. In present times, religion and food have been used to exacerbate differences and strategically leveraged to further political agendas.

09:55:02 on 21 Feb

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Thenew breed of celebrities who have been using social media to reach out to their fans and people at large to share their spirited fight against a dreaded disease rather than suffer in private. This development reflects the increasingly important role that social media plays in our lives.

09:25:02 on 21 Feb

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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common bacterial infections found in humans, affecting more than 150 million people worldwide. Data shows that about 12 percent of men and about 40 percent of women experience at least one symptom of UTI during their lifetime while 40 percent of women who are infected may show recurring symptoms.

09:12:01 on 21 Feb

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Samantha Akkineni, who has established her career in the Tamil and Telugu film industry, is not only a powerhouse actor but also has an impeccable fashion sense. So it is no surprise that the actor was spotted looking lovely in a geometric print ensemble from the label Saaksha & Kinni for a shoot recently.

05:50:39 on 21 Feb

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Preethi Ramadoss, a research scholar from the Department of Crystal Growth Centre of Anna University, has come up with a biodegradable sanitary napkin which does not contain any plastics and can degrade within a month. It is made of cellulose derivatives. It has turmeric, vettiver and neem and lemon extracts.

05:39:03 on 21 Feb

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Scientists have developed a simple and affordable origami-style paper device that can accurately and quickly detect diseases such as malaria. A study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, describes for the first time how folded wax paper, prepared with a printer and a hot plate, has helped detect malaria with 98 per cent sensitivity.

05:29:49 on 21 Feb

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We all have that one perpetually single friend who keeps striking out in their dating life, despite being an amazing person. It’s frustrating to watch because you just know there’s someone out there who’s worthy of them, if only they could find that person. If you feel bummed out over the situation, just imagine how burned out they’re feeling about the whole thing.

01:57:51 on 21 Feb

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In a bid to lend our traditional wear a decidedly modern spin, our wardrobes have become so heavily focused on off-shoulders, ruffles and cut-outs, that certain time-tested styles have fallen by the wayside. And the boat neck serves as one such example. The style needn’t be restricted to just your western ensembles. Here are some designs for this festive season.

01:22:11 on 21 Feb

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Intake of widely prescribed drugs to neutralise stomach acid by people with heartburn or stomach ulcers could be associated with increased risk of kidney disease, warns a study of over 40,000 patients. The study showed patients who took PPIs were more likely to experience kidney disease than those who took another type of drug used to dampen down acid production.

01:04:42 on 21 Feb

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For Ernest Hemingway, it was oysters. For Nora Ephron, it was mashed potatoes. For countless recently dumped film and television characters, it’s ice cream. Humans have been eating our emotions for as long as we can remember. But that doesn’t make it a good idea. There’s a science behind emotional eating and comfort food that affects our life.

01:00:35 on 21 Feb

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Alexis Ohanian wants other guys to be jealous of him. Not because he’s a multimillionaire venture capitalist. Or because he’s married to tennis pro-Serena Williams.
The Reddit co-founder wants men to covet the time he gets to spend with his 1-year-old daughter, Olympia. The pair is all over Instagram cheering for mom at matches & make silly faces with Mickey Mouse ears.

12:56:39 on 21 Feb

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Tanushree Dutta, who triggered the #MeToo movement in India, may have moved back to the US but she continues to make waves in India. The former model-turned-actor was recently at the Harvard Business School as a guest speaker. The special session was curated by journalist Pankaj Pachauri.

12:50:13 on 21 Feb

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House of Khoday, maker of the iconic Hercules rum, is taking a bold bet on the Indian consumer’s long-standing tryst with whisky by launching a new single-malt brand priced at a steep premium to other homegrown labels. With aggressive market share targets, Khoday’s expects this move to be a “game changer"

12:25:18 on 21 Feb

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Every year, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm (before 37 completed weeks of gestation), and this number is rising. Preterm birth complications are the leading cause of death among children under five years of age, responsible for approximately one million deaths in 2015. At the Neonatal ICU, through incubators, specialised care is provided to newborn babies.

11:23:18 on 21 Feb

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She scrubs plates, mops floors and washes clothes with vigor. She works when others relax. Just like Cleo, the live-in nanny in Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-nominated film Roma, Ignacia Ponciano represents millions of women working in domestic service across Latin America for want of a better opportunity.

06:57:01 on 21 Feb

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Apart from the picturesque landscape and fascinating culture, what’s impressive in Japan is that everything is spic and span and it all works like clockwork. Don't make a strained itinerary. Roughly two weeks are comfortable enough for Tokyo and Kyoto. The best time to go is in late spring (March to May) with cherry blossoms in full bloom or late autumn (Sep to Nov).

03:26:01 on 21 Feb

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Finding it hard to cope with jet lag, shift-based work? Doing some excercise can shift the human body clock and help you adjust to the shifted schedules, suggests new research. The study showed that exercise can shift the human body clock with the direction and amount of this effect depending on the time of day or night in which people exercise.

02:56:01 on 21 Feb

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Obesity decoded

Scientists have identified genes that may cause obesity, paving the way for interventions to prevent chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Researchers identified multiple genetic variants associated with how the body distributes body fat tissue. The findings may broaden the understanding of how genes can predispose individuals to obesity.

02:26:01 on 21 Feb

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World leader in luxury goods LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton ) announced Monday it would boost measures to ensure a “responsible supply” of crocodile skins. The giant French retailer said in a statement it would follow new standards for crocodile leather based on criteria “developed and validated by a committee of technical experts”.

01:55:02 on 21 Feb

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We are a generation that believes in the power of community. From the basic, almost inherent need for human connection - be it professional or social - community is the driving force in creating a dynamic environment. This is primarily because this generation is seeing a major shift in the way one works and lives.

01:25:02 on 21 Feb

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It’s hard to go a day without encountering another article about the dangers of children and screen time. According to a recent survey, it’s now become the number one worry for parents. Studies have shown that heavy use of screens and social media by teens can increase the risk of depression and suicide, and that less screen time generally equates to more happiness.

12:55:02 on 21 Feb

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A dog named Kingston is back with his family 101 days after he jumped out of their truck as they fled a devastating Northern California wildfire. The 12-year-old Akita was reunited Monday with the Ballejos family, who fled the town of Paradise late last year, Sacramento television station KXTV reported.

12:25:02 on 21 Feb

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New York Fashion Week 2019 wrapped up last week and left us with some major fashion inspiration. From big names like Raf Simons, Calvin Klein, Fenty to newcomers like No Sesso and Tomo Koizumi, the fashion extravaganza saw plenty of new designs and trends that took the city by storm. Here are some interesting fashion trends that were seen at New York Fashion Week 2019.

11:57:01 on 20 Feb

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5 Things To Do In Chennai With Your Family

With its mild pace, innumerable beaches and historic temples, Chennai can be a nice place for a family vacation. Beyond the usual suspects like the zoo, the planetarium, Marina beach and the various indoor play areas that dot the city, here are some unusual picks for outings that both the kids and the adults will love:

11:27:02 on 20 Feb

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British chef and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay is popular in the world for his signature style of kitchen insults. But what happens when Twitter users find an opportunity to roast him for his own food? Something like that recently happened when Chef Gordon Ramsay posted a picture of a neatly plated bowl of butter chicken curry.

09:25:01 on 20 Feb

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Has the annual Taj Mahotsava helped promote tourism in Agra? Tourism industry leaders and hoteliers say the ten-day cultural extravaganza has been reduced to a local "Mela-Tamasha. Despite misgivings and the swine flue scare, people in Agra were in a celebratory mood as reflected in the surging crowds at the Taj Mahotsava, which was opened by UP Gov Ram Naik on Monday.

07:16:26 on 20 Feb

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Scientists have identified ‘killer’ immune cells that can fight all known strains of flu virus, a “game-changing result” that could lead to a universal, one-shot vaccine against the potentially deadly disease. These microscopic killers are white blood cells that can maintain a memory of previous exposure to a flu strain, said researchers from the University of Melbourne.

07:03:37 on 20 Feb

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The London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019 was all about fearless glamour. While grand and voluminous evening gowns were a huge draw at Erdem and Roksanda shows, Burberry unveiled some great street and club style wear. There was an Indian presence on the ramp too with Rocky Star showcasing creations that were high on street flair.

05:00:29 on 20 Feb

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While excessive smoking has been linked to various health issues, including heart disease and cancer, a new study has warned that smoking over 20 cigarettes a day can cause blindness. The study from Rutgers University noted that chronic tobacco smoking can have harmful effects on spatial and colour vision.

02:57:38 on 20 Feb

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Aditi Rao Hydari is an epitome of elegance, especially when she steps out in a sari. The actor can pull off almost every look gracefully, but she looks best when she sports an ethnic look. So when she recently attended Soundarya Rajinikanth’s wedding wearing a red Banarasi sari with a matching elbow length-sleeved blouse by Raw Mango, we were left gasping for air.

02:55:16 on 20 Feb

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In the hierarchy of prejudices, sexism prevailed over ageism. While grey-haired men were often called silver foxes, women with grey hair were boxed into stereotypical narratives by popular culture. Perceptions began to shift only recently. Online spaces representing grey-haired women today encourage others to accept and flaunt their natural hair.

02:46:03 on 20 Feb

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A recent study from the National Health Service has found that grandparents who babysit their grandchildren live longer than those who don’t. So not only will babysitting your kids help your parents potentially live longer, but meaningful relationships and wonderful memories will surely be formed. It's a win-win.

02:37:31 on 20 Feb

Actor-rapper Jaden Smith, who made headlines last year for releasing his album SYRE: The Electric Album on Instagram, was in India to perform at Vh1 Supersonic 2019 on 16 February. The Karate Kid actor recently revealed that he loves performing in India and would love to collaborate with Indian artists for his album.

02:23:08 on 20 Feb

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Falling in love and being in love is a beautiful feeling, and everything seems to be going perfectly fine between you and your partner. But suddenly, you notice one sign and then another, and then you begin to feel, "maybe it’s not meant to be." These 10 signs indicate that perhaps you’ve fallen out of love.

02:09:54 on 20 Feb

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Are boots the new sneakers?

Winter is almost over and it’s time to welcome spring. If you are busy packing off your winter footwear, you might want to keep at least one pair of your favourite boots aside. Boots with dresses are going to be big this spring. The trend is a hit on global ramps, right from Kate Spade’s shows to those of Prabal Gurung. Fashion forwards are making the best of the trend.

01:09:24 on 20 Feb

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Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments,” Saidiya Hartman’s exhilarating social history, begins at the cusp of the 20th century, with young black women “in open rebellion. Hartman writes, “before white folks journeyed uptown to get a taste of the other,” these women were reconceiving the possibilities for private life.

12:48:34 on 20 Feb

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The fighting in Hue City, Vietnam, was as intense and confusing as anything the Marines there had ever seen. A photographer, John Olson, approached and began to document the moment. His photo of the unconscious Marine lying on the tank surrounded by his wounded brothers-in-arms now stands among the iconic images of the Vietnam War.

12:44:29 on 20 Feb

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Meghan Markle, 37, is living it up in New York City! The Duchess of Sussex, who’s seven months pregnant, enjoyed a baby shower in the Big Apple thanks to her close friends’ party planning skills on Feb. 19, and the fun rolled into the night. She was spotted en route to The Polo Bar, a Ralph Lauren restaurant, as was a close friend and tennis icon Serena Williams, 37.

12:25:04 on 20 Feb

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Malaika Arora Khan, who is currently dating Arjun Kapoor, opened up about her much-publicised divorce with former husband, Arbaaz Khan.
“If you are in an unhappy marriage and that’s what you decide to do you should do it with a lot of dignity, self-respect. Don’t let anybody tell you that you are any less of a woman.”

11:38:10 on 20 Feb

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Throughout his more than 35 years at the helm of Chanel, creative director Karl Lagerfeld put together some of the most legendary fashion shows the industry has ever seen. He staged protests in support of women's rights, brought the fashion set to Cuba, and most recently staged a show in New York City at The Met's Temple of Dendur.

11:29:59 on 20 Feb

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Kylie Jenner insists she’s never gotten major plastic surgery, despite constant speculation about her changing look.
In an interview with Paper magazine, the beauty mogul addressed the rampant rumours. “People think I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false,” she said.

11:22:07 on 20 Feb

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British luxury fashion house, Burberry, has apologised for showcasing a hoodie that featured a noose around the neck during its show at the recently concluded London Fashion Week. The item featured in Burberry's Autumn/Winter (A/W) collection, named "Tempest", which debuted at its show on Sunday. The retailer said it has removed the item from its collection.

10:53:08 on 20 Feb

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While we gear up to enter the month of March, it's time to plan your summer vacay and we bet you're looking for some serene destinations. While some prefer to head to the mountains and trek a few peaks, the others prefer to lay by the water and soak under the sun. Closer home, one place that demands a special place in your travel bucket list is Kedarnath.

07:41:01 on 20 Feb

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If you have prediabetes or diabetes, the right diabetic meal plan is key to managing blood sugar levels. Sometimes, it can be tricky to choose the right foods and drinks as part of your diabetic. Here is a list which will make your choice easier. Delicious and surprising diabetes friendly food options are as close as your kitchen.

05:27:01 on 20 Feb

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Whether it is a red carpet event, a dinner date with partner Virat Kohli, or the style she opts for when travelling, Anushka Sharma seems to have mastered how to pull off the casual chic style like a pro. So when she recently stepped out for a dubbing session in Mumbai, the Pari actor was dressed down in a jeans and shirt – yet managed to turn heads.

03:56:01 on 20 Feb

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Weight loss and a healthy diet go hand in hand. You have to be extra careful of what you add to your plate and make sure they pack healthy nutrients too. Starving yourself may seem to be a lucrative strategy, but doing so may trigger bingeing spree later and also take a drastic toll on your health. Ayurveda talks about many such foods and their ability to burn fat.

02:26:02 on 20 Feb

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If you live in Delhi, chances are, you will have a go-to momo place in your colony. Almost every locality has a momo stall that plates out hot, steamy momos in no time, and tops it with a fiery red chilli garlic chutney and a dollop of mayonnaise. While these can reduce your craving for momos, there are times when only the perfect plate can do the trick.

01:55:02 on 20 Feb

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Few skincare superfoods hold as much clout in the average Indian kitchen as neem. From the leaves to the bark, the neem tree makes for a multi-purpose pharmacy, and has even earned the moniker of ‘nature’s drugstore’. This pantry staple also comes with a host of skincare benefits ranging from anti-acne to addressing premature ageing concerns.

01:25:01 on 20 Feb

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While it is well known that eating lots of fruit and vegetable is good for physical health, a new research says. The new study, conducted University of Leeds, shows that an increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetable can be linked to an increase in self-reported mental well-being, and life satisfaction in data that spans a five-year period.

12:25:01 on 20 Feb

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China is apparently having an existential crisis over freckles. The nation is furiously arguing about photos of a top Chinese model after she appeared in an ad without enough makeup to hide her pale freckles. Social media users on Weibo accused the Spanish company of insulting or “uglifying China” by photographing model Li Jingwen with her freckles clearly visible.

11:57:01 on 19 Feb

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Can caffeine pass from mother to baby?

The placenta which plays an integral role in the healthy development of the foetus, is probably the least understood. The News Atlas reports that in an attempt to check how much caffeine can cross from mother to baby, researchers at lowa State University used the microfluidic models of the placenta, also known as placenta-on-a-chip.

11:27:01 on 19 Feb

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Kriti Sanon is busy promoting her upcoming film Luka Chuppi and her fashion choices have been quite a mixed bag. She was recently spotted in a Kanika Goyal creation. Styled by Sukriti Grover, the short dress was fun and chic, but we are not particularly convinced about the belt detail. The make-up, however, especially the bright red lips worked with the entire look.

07:29:30 on 19 Feb

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Chanel’s iconic couturier, Karl Lagerfeld, whose accomplished designs as well as trademark white ponytail, high starched collars and dark enigmatic glasses dominated high fashion for the last 50 years, has died. He was around 85 years old. Such was the enigma surrounding the designer that even his age was a point of mystery, with reports he had two birth certificates.

06:28:45 on 19 Feb

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