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Any day is a good day to tell little girls ‘You can be anything’ and encourage them to follow their dreams. All little girls have limitless potential, vivid imagination and a billion dreams in their eyes. All we need to do is inspire them, nurture them and tell them that they can be anything they want to be. That’s exactly what Barbie India did.

06:25:01 on 19 Oct

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Burning effigies of Ravana is a common practice on Dussehra, but some harassed husbands celebrated the festival here in a slightly different way - by burning an effigy of Surpanakha. These men - members of 'Patni Pidit Purush Sanghatana', an organisation of victims of harassment by wives - burned the effigy on Thursday evening at Karoli village near Aurangabad.

05:26:35 on 19 Oct

Renuka Shahane says there are still uncountable, unknown stories of women who have faced sexual harassment and abuse that are waiting to be heard. “I don’t think there’s a single woman who does not have a #MeToo story. My story does not involve anyone famous. It happened a long time ago but it impacted me for the longest time." Shahane told PTI.

05:26:01 on 19 Oct

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It is mostly during festivals such as Durga Puja that we get to witness beautifully designed and decorated floor art that adds to the mood of the celebrations. In Bengal and Assam, this floor art is called alpona, kolam in Tamil Nadu, and muggulu in Andhra Pradesh – together, they form a part of a rich folk art genre.

01:56:01 on 19 Oct

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From the US to Argentina, by way of Ireland and Poland, the red habit and white bonnet synonymous with ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ have become a powerful symbol of the #MeToo movement. Yet its potency has come as a shock to 54-year-old costume designer Ane Crabtree, the creator of the now iconic outfit. It’s grown bigger than the purpose I designed it for,” Crabtree told AFP.

12:27:01 on 19 Oct

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A rigid dress code banning jeans pant, trousers and Bermuda shorts has been put in place at the Mahabaleshwar Temple in Gokarna, a popular pilgrimage centre, by its administration. “We have already implemented the dress code in Gokarna. The restrictions were already there but we implemented them a month ago,” the executive officer of Gokarna Mahabaleshwar temple H Halappa.

10:25:01 on 18 Oct

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Canada became the second and largest country with a legal national cannabis marketplace on Wednesday. Tom Clarke, an illegal cannabis dealer for three decades, was among the first to make a legal sale in Canada when his store opened at midnight in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland.

07:31:21 on 18 Oct

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People with restless legs syndrome may be more likely to think about suicide or to actually contemplate suicide, compared to people without the troublesome condition, a new study suggests.Typically, people with restless legs syndrome say that when they’re lying down. And that often means that patients with restless legs syndrome can’t get a good night’s sleep.

05:25:01 on 18 Oct

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Fruit smoothies are a fun way of having different types of fruits for breakfast. Depending on the season, you can create delicious combinations of smoothies. They are also great for taking on-the-go if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to actually eat the different fruits. Add some nuts, dried fruit, seeds to add to the nutrition. Here are two smoothie recipes.

04:25:01 on 18 Oct

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Between 1983 and 2011, coarse cereal consumption in India has drastically reduced in both urban and rural households. Defined as cereal grains other than rice and wheat, and including maize, pearl millet (bajra), finger millet (ragi), sorghum (jowar), barley, and rye, coarse cereals are relatively high in iron content.

11:25:01 on 17 Oct

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The onus of looking good at family gatherings and house parties during the festive season isn’t just on women but on men as well. When stepping out this season, it’s not just enough to wear your best outfit, accompany it with glowing skin and well-styled hair. So, if men out there are wondering what to do, you can follow these simple suggestions.

10:25:01 on 17 Oct

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Wearing of helmet by Sikh women in Chandigarh has been made optional, the Home Ministry said, a week after it had completely exempted them from wearing the protective headgear. The Union Territory administration of Chandigarh has been advised that it may be made optional for Sikh women, riding a two-wheeler or sitting pillion.

01:26:01 on 17 Oct

Anna Burns won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for fiction Tuesday for “Milkman,” a vibrant, violent story about men, women, conflict and power set during Northern Ireland’s years of Catholic-Protestant violence. Ms. Burns is the first writer from Northern Ireland to win the 50,000-pound ($66,000) prize, which is open to English-language authors from around the world.

09:40:01 on 17 Oct

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Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, giving us the fuel to face the challenges that lie ahead. In fact, studies have also shown that eating breakfast leads to weight loss. Different countries have their own staple breakfast routines, in European countries like France and Spain, a piece of bread or pastry with strong coffee is what comprises breakfast.

05:25:01 on 17 Oct

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Hair is an integral part of one's look, especially during the festive season. Whether you're pinning it in a tight bun or straightening it for a sleek look, there's a lot of emphasis on your tresses, which can lead to hair damage. Due to hair products, heat styling and so much more, damaged hair is a major concern but you can't let that dull your shine now, can you?

04:25:01 on 17 Oct

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All of us seek an opportunity where we can leave all our inhibitions behind and explore the world. One place that's paradise for every traveller is Greece. Apart from the scenic beauty and delicious local cuisine, Greece is the perfect romantic getaway. From a dip under the moonlight sky to candlelight dinners, it's time to head to Greece with your bae.

03:55:02 on 17 Oct

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World Food Day, celebrated annually on October 16, is one of the most crucial days on the calendar and was first celebrated by the FAO of the UN. The objective is to spread awareness about those who are affected by the hunger issue in the world through events held across 150 countries. The global goal for World Food Day is Zero Hunger by 2030.

10:10:01 on 16 Oct

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What makes gladiators a hot favourite is the fact that they never fail to impress. Be it to notch up casual looks or to make a standout style statement, they work instantly to add an interesting edge to dresses. And with so many styles available, you will never really run out of reasons to get your hands on yet another gorgeous pair of gladiators.

09:40:02 on 16 Oct

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The Supreme Court’s landmark verdict allowing women of all ages to enter the famous Sabarimala Temple in Kerala has sparked a revolution of sorts among women belonging to other faiths as well. Following the verdict, NISA, a Kozhikode-based progressive forum for women announced that they are going to approach the apex court to demand the entry of women into mosques.

08:25:02 on 16 Oct

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Unravelling India’s Northeast Drug Route

n the 80s and 90s, Nagaland was faced with rampant drug addiction and it was found that 30% of intravenous drug user were HIV positive. While society ostracised them and the church viewed them through a prism of satanism, the law criminalised and tossed them in jail. In this episode, About Mere, takes us through this cycle of addiction and how today there is hope.

07:34:35 on 16 Oct

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Google dedicated on Tuesday its doodle art to the tabla artist and musician Lachhu Maharaj to celebrate his 74th birthday. In the line art, doodle features Lachhu Maharaj playing the tabla with a happy face. However, when you click on the doodle the result page has featured the Wikipedia page of classical dancer Lachhu Maharaj. Has the search engine giant confused itself?

11:35:01 on 16 Oct

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It is known that young movie buffs get inspired by superheroes. Reiterating the fact is a study, jointly conducted by BBC America and Women’s Media Center, that young girls feel more confident and empowered when they see actors like Gal Gadot play characters like Wonder Woman. The data recorded the impact these women superheroes on screen had on young women and girls.

09:40:02 on 16 Oct

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Late author Khushwant Singh’s love for food and liquor is legendary. Mindful of this, the eponymous lit fest, introduced a session on Indian salads and booze. Founder of Agave India, Desmond Nazareth has spearheaded a movement to bring indigenous liquors, fermented by the tribal populations, into the limelight.

01:55:01 on 16 Oct

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Is your nail polish free of toxins?

Turns out, nail polishes with ‘n-free’ labels are not necessarily free of toxic compounds. Consumers are growing more knowledgeable about the potential health effects of nail polish. And manufacturers have started removing potentially toxic ingredients and labelling their products as being free of those substances. However, these labels aren’t always safe.

11:55:01 on 15 Oct

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E-cigarette liquids sweetened with flavourings may harm the lungs even when they don’t contain nicotine. Researchers examined what happened to monocytes upon exposure to flavoring chemicals used in popular e-cigarette liquids. The flavoring chemicals appeared to increase biomarkers for inflammation and tissue damage and many of them also caused cells to die.

10:40:01 on 15 Oct

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Sweet corn with some salt, spice and lemon juice is arguably a favourite snack across India. But for customers of the snacks at Brookefields mall in Coimbatore, there was a bonus offering while they waited for the snack. The vendor at a small snack kiosk at the mall can be seen using the vessels and a ladle to create music as he mixes the spices with the corn.

10:25:02 on 15 Oct

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This season, festive obligations are bound to come up at any time of the day, regardless if you're saddled with work or not. Even if you've got 5 minutes to get groomed in your office bathroom, you can't miss it. How do you manage in situations like these? With 4 makeup products. They are easy to tuck into your handbag and can transform your makeup look in mere minutes.

09:40:01 on 15 Oct

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A real estate broker was killed for allegedly posting some comments on a WhatsApp group, police said. Moin Mehmood Pathan, 35, was attacked with swords, knives and rods Sunday night by a group of around 20 persons in Fatimanagar locality of Harsul area in Aurangabad, police said. Police attributed the killing to enmity between two local groups.

07:25:01 on 15 Oct

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Its time to lure your taste buds this festive season with the freshest and tastiest “Thick” Shakes at The ThickShake Factory. With the ongoing festivities of Navratras and Durga Puja, it is the perfect time to indulge in a sip of delicious shakes made exclusively for everyone’s needs. The ten-day extravaganza is celebrated across India with great zeal.

07:10:01 on 15 Oct

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Twitter has its days, but it also has a good level of solidarity for all the right causes. Here are five social hashtags that will make you think. #WhyIDidntReport came in response to President Trump’s tweets attacking Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Ford, on why she didn’t speak up on the assault at 15, survivors of sexual assault began sharing their own stories.

05:25:01 on 15 Oct

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It is difficult to imagine life before our personal and professional worlds were so dominated and “switched on” via smartphones and, crucially, so easily distractible and interruptible every second of the day. This constant fragmentation of our time and concentration has become the new normal, these interruptions and distractions have eroded our ability to concentrate.

02:55:01 on 15 Oct

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In the last few days, sexual harassment at the workplace has been under the scanner because of the #MeToo movement. Sexual harassment is one of the most underreported offences, which is why there was a need for a movement like #MeToo to act as an eye-opener. In in the era Me Too movement, it is important for you to know certain rights that you have at your workplace.

10:25:01 on 14 Oct

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Working long hours under stress and eating irregularly and mindlessly may make you weak and this can lead to depression. So make sure you are eating right, say experts. The road to a happier you is right nutrition and mindful eating as well as staying away from too much of caffeine and sugar. Here are 5 things you need to include in your diet.

05:25:01 on 13 Oct

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7 trendy mules to add to your shoe closet

Mules are a style trend that have been hitting the charts this year. Available in myriad designs, they are not just chic but immensely comfortable too. Probably that's the reason why, they have become a must-have to notch up casual looks while staying easy and breezy. Tempted already? Here's a list of seven trendy mules to add to your shoe closet.

04:25:01 on 13 Oct

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Chewing gum can help deliver vitamins

Chewing gum can be effective at delivering some vitamins to the body, according to scientists who suggest that the habit could be a help cure vitamin deficiency. To find out if supplemented gum contributes vitamins to chewers' bodies, researchers had 15 people chew two off-the-shelf supplemented gums and measured the levels of 8 vitamins released into their saliva.

10:10:01 on 12 Oct

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You can safely say that if there is one piece of clothing that will never go out of style it is the saree. With the number of styles, designs, fabrics, forms it is available in, there is a lot to women to try out and not get bored. And with the festive and the wedding season around the corner, if there is any time to bring out the sarees, it is now.

09:10:02 on 12 Oct

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A Northern Irish bakery's refusal to bake a cake iced with a slogan promoting same-sex marriage on account of its owners' Christian beliefs was not discriminatory, Britain's SC has ruled. Ashers Baking in Belfast was found guilty of discrimination in 2015 for refusing to make a cake for a customer bearing the words "Support Gay Marriage".

02:06:24 on 12 Oct

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While the Day 1 of the ongoing Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week saw designers Anupamaa Dayal and Rimzim Dadu enthralling the audience with their colourful collection, Day 2 saw Sushmita Sen and Diana Penty walking the ramp as showstoppers, looking graceful as ever. Penty, who walked the runway for Vidhi Wadhwani looked uber-cool in an all-white ensemble.

10:59:51 on 12 Oct

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Online socializing may weaken the tie between pain and depression for older people, a U.S. study suggests. People in chronic pain are at risk of depression to start with. When pain makes them stay home more, interacting with friends and family less, it only adds to this risk, the researchers write in the Journals of Gerontology, Series B.

01:25:01 on 12 Oct

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Do you post every cute photo you take with your partner? You may be over-sharing. And while it may make some people go “Aww”, not everyone may be thrilled to see everything you eat, buy or do with your partner. A survey found that Facebook users with an unhealthy self-esteem regarding their relationship are more likely to post photos and details of their relationship.

10:55:01 on 11 Oct

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There's nothing quite like wearing a saree to truly embody and embrace the festive vibe that has now started in full force. But having to buy new sarees every season can get not just cumbersome but also easily burn a hole in your wallet. How do you then pull off the same sarees as last season while still looking different? By changing the blouse, of course.

09:27:01 on 11 Oct

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Congress leader Shashi Tharoor Wednesday once again introduced Twitterati and the literati to a difficult, near the unpronounceable word, describing his new book on Modi as "more than just a 400-page exercise in floccinaucinihilipilification". According to the Oxford dictionary, the word is a noun and means "the action or habit of estimating something as worthless".

11:27:01 on 11 Oct

Days after SC lifted the ban on entry of menstruating women in the Sabarimala temple, a Muslim women’s outfit is now all set to approach SC to gain entry in Sunni temples. Social Activist VP Zuhra, President of Kozhikode-based progressive Muslim women’s forum NISA, has decided to petition the SC, praying that Sunni mosques across the country must allow entry to women.

09:11:02 on 11 Oct

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Hypnosis can be better than behavioural therapies at helping people quit smoking in the long run, according to Stanford doctors, who have now developed an app that can make self-hypnosis accessible to people. A preliminary study on the app developed by the team shows the quit rate in people who tried the self-hypnosis using the app was 21% at one month.

10:55:02 on 10 Oct

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The festive season is finally here which means plenty of parties, celebrations and overall merriment. If your wardrobe is ready for it, that's great but is your bag game ready too? Traditional wear requires a different set of bags, which is why you've to pick these 5 clutches for the season. They are sparkly, easy to carry and will work great with your ethnic looks.

09:25:01 on 10 Oct

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The SC took note of the October 3 violence at Puri's Jagannath temple during a protest against the introduction of a queue system for devotees and said no policeman should enter the temple with weapons and shoes. The queue system was introduced on an experimental basis and a review would be done as locals and servitors opposed it, a temple official had said.

02:02:39 on 10 Oct

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Navratri which marks the beginning of a nine-day extravaganza happens to be believed that goddess Durga visits devotees' homes in 9 reincarnations. While there are different colours for each day of her visit, devotees also observe fast to pay their respects. In northern states, these days are also celebrated when Lord Ram defeated Ravana which marks good over evil.

01:41:01 on 10 Oct

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The legendary Mysuru Dasara got off to a traditional start atop Chamundi Hills with Sudha Murthy, writer and Chairperson of Infosys Foundation, Bengaluru inaugurating the 10-day long festivities by lighting the lamp and offering flowers to the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari, the presiding deity of Mysuru, placed inside a silver chariot in the temple premises.

11:52:32 on 10 Oct

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Across Europe, it is a point reached somewhere between the ages of 16 and 21, marking the moment at which care from children's services comes to an end. Many are in need of ongoing support and treatment, but among those moving into adult care many report feeling abandoned, neglected or poorly looked after. What can be done to improve things for them?

12:25:01 on 10 Oct

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Snail mail doesn’t give all those thrills as a quick email does. However, when more people are choosing to slow down, probably even stop to smell the roses, the days of the snail mails are a sweet reminder of the days gone by. October 9 was declared World Post Day by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan in 1969 and has since been celebrated worldwide on this date.

09:55:02 on 09 Oct

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4 rings to bling up your festive wear

Adding new jewellery to your existing collection is always fun. There's something special about the little baubles that make up our accessory compartments. But there's one accessory in particular that is under-utilised and underestimated - finger rings. Whether they're sentimental items or statement finds, rings have the ability to really bling up an outfit.

08:55:01 on 09 Oct

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We get behind the wheel of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class facelift in its entry level C220d version. The new C220d gets updates to the exterior, interior and under the hood. On the outside you get new headlamps, tail lamps and new bumpers. Under the hood is the new 2-litre Mercedes-Benz OM654 engine which makes 192 bhp of power and 400 Nm of torque.

02:07:21 on 09 Oct

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Justice Indu Malhotra’s rationale that courts should not allow “interlopers” to file PIL pleas challenging religious practices is a common thread in the review petitions filed in the SC against the Sabarimala judgment. Justice Malhotra, in her dissent, warned that “permitting PILs in religious matters would open the floodgates to interlopers to question religious beliefs.

09:35:46 on 09 Oct

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The filthy air of our towns and cities are increasingly linked to adult ill health and poor development in children. But there are steps we can take to mitigate its effects, Air pollution has been linked not only to lung disease but cardiovascular disease too. The main solution is to reduce pollution, but in the meantime, what can we do to protect ourselves? Check out!

07:40:02 on 09 Oct

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Entertainment has always been a form of escapism, but streaming services that put up a show’s entire season have increased a viewer’s susceptibility to binge-watching. Last week, the SHUT clinic at the Nimhans in Bengaluru received its first case : A 26-year-old man who was unemployed and turned to Netflix to shut out reality for more than six months.

01:25:01 on 09 Oct

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Subjected to caste-based discrimination in schools and elsewhere, almost a dozen Delhi-based Dalit teenagers decided to drop out and went on to form a musical band of their own and named it after Savitribai Phule. Four years since, they have been performing their way to social awakening of the prejudiced while facing strong opposition.

12:55:02 on 09 Oct

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Here’s what to eat to beat arthritis

Recent scientific studies suggest that there is an intricate relationship between what a person eats and how it can affect their joint health. There is a range of changes that one can make to their diet that could help reduce pain and protect joints. Osteoarthritis is very common and is caused by a wearing-away of the cartilage covering the ends of the bones.

10:10:01 on 08 Oct

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Gone are the times when carrying a large and heavy tote bag or a dainty clutch bag were the go-to choices. While chic tote bags and classy clutches are still accessories you have to pull out when the occasion demands, comfort and functionality beat everything else. That's where the easy to carry and rather trendy backpack comes in handy.

09:10:01 on 08 Oct

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BJP state president Sreedharan Pillai has said the party is ready to shed blood for protecting the beliefs and emotions of believers. Pillai was speaking at a march taken out to the Kazhakootam office of Devaswom Minister Kadakampally Surendran, in protest against the state government decision to implement the SC verdict allowing women of all ages entry into the temple.

08:57:01 on 08 Oct

While the world becomes more aware about mental health, anxiety is one condition that many young people are facing than ever before. Research found that about 40 per cent people said they feel they have anxiety and most of them are worried about their health with money, appearance, age and career being other leading causes.

06:33:14 on 08 Oct

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At Jagdish Photo Studio in Manori, a fishing village not far from Mumbai, photographer Ketaki Sheth was struck by a vision — of a “blue plastic stool against a sheer red curtain”. The splash of colours inspired her to start her new photo series, titled ‘Photo Studio’, which is now showing at Photoink gallery in New Delhi.

01:55:02 on 08 Oct

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A large number of rural women, particularly in Andhra-Odisha border villages and in coastal areas of Ichchapuram mandal, have their uteruses removed by undergoing hysterectomy. Curiously, majority of them underwent hysterectomy even for minor complaints such as excess bleeding during menstruation, white discharge and infections.

03:27:01 on 07 Oct

Dudhwa is on the Indo-Nepal border at the foothills of the Himalayas. A trip to this town on the border of Nepal will expose you to stunning wildlife, fascinating conversations and greenery you may never have heard of before. This swampy Terai grassland region has access to four wildlife sanctuaries – Kishanpur, Katarniaghat, Pilibhit and Dudhwa National Park.

10:25:01 on 07 Oct

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We can always count on Bollywood divas to shell out some serious fashion goals for us. Whether it's Janhvi Kapoor's brilliant looks on the cover of a fashion magazine or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's staple scarlet lips, our divas surely know how to take us by a storm. From the way we wing our eyeliner to our choice of nail paint, our tinsel town hotties are too hot to handle.

09:25:02 on 07 Oct

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A rainbow finale to LMIFW

A 'Rainbow' show celebrating the SC's decision to repeal the historic Section 377 will bring the curtains down on the finale of the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week held in association with NEXA Spring Summer19. The Fashion Design Council of India has announced a unique inclusivity-themed grand finale for the fashion gala, to be held from October 10.

07:25:02 on 06 Oct

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Mustafa Sahin, the head of archaeology at Bursa Uludag University, Turkey had never thought that his quest to find a church that was reportedly built around AD 390 would be submerged in a lake. During his field survey in Iznik, the western tip of Turkey, Sahin was trying to find this ancient church at the shore of Lake Iznik.

11:55:01 on 05 Oct

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You may think a slice of pizza or a bowl of chips will cheer you up. But the truth is that if you’re looking for more sustainable boosts to your emotional well-being, there are better ways to eat yourself happy. There are food items that have been clinically proven to fight depression, lift energy, ease anxiety and generally make you feel good.

10:25:02 on 05 Oct

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3 stylish denim jackets for Autumn

Fashion enthusiasts everywhere would agree that fall is an absolutely splendid season for one reason in particular, the cute jackets you get to wear. With the air cooling down and breezy evenings making their way in, light jackets are a great item to throw over your favourite summer blouses and flowing skirts to give them another bit of life.

08:55:02 on 05 Oct

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If you bought a cigarette packet in the past a few days, you would have observed changes on the pack like the photos of people suffering from cancer and health warnings have changed and a toll-free number is displayed too. Officials from the National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP) said that people can get the address of tobacco cessation centres by dialling the number.

11:41:01 on 05 Oct

Who doesn’t love a cup of freshly brewed coffee, tailored to their taste? For those of you who enjoy a good cuppa and wouldn’t settle for anything less than a well filtered or brewed flavour, we have good news. On October 6, Starbucks stores across India will serve coffee only for Rs 100, taxes included. Not a penny more.

12:25:01 on 05 Oct

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Poetry is powerful. It can make you think, and change the way you view the world. And if poets around the world can be united to speak on pertinent issues, it can have a significant impact and inspire people to fight for change. That was the basic premise on which American poets Rothenberg and Terri Carrion co-founded the global movement 100 Thousand Poets for Change.

11:55:01 on 04 Oct

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True blue denizens of the Indian literature diaspora continue to be front runners in the Popular shortlist of the 16th Raymond Crossword Book awards (RCBA). India’s prime minister Narendra Modi has been shortlisted in the Children’s book category for Exam Warriors while Congress’ Shashi Tharoor has been shortlisted for his book Why I Am a Hindu.

11:25:01 on 04 Oct

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Diabetics are at an increased risk of cancer, warns a study. It also suggests that diabetes is linked with poorer survival following a cancer diagnosis. For the most common cancers, individuals with diabetes face a 20% greater risk of developing colorectal cancer and a 5% higher risk of breast cancer compared with their diabetes-free counterparts.

10:55:01 on 04 Oct

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There are plenty of lipsticks that have impressive staying power and boldly pop on your pout. But with so many options available in the market, choosing a colour that'll really brighten up your look can be difficult. Whether you're looking for an electric pink, a classic red or a standout orange, here's some options for you to choose from.

09:25:02 on 04 Oct

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Whether you were born under a Water sign or a fire sign, we are pretty sure your Los Angeles experience should include one or more of our world-class beaches. From surf to marine life to cultural activities, Los Angeles beaches offer a wide array of opportunities to have fun. Here are our Favorite Los Angeles Beaches by Astrological Sign guaranteed to please anyone.

02:41:01 on 04 Oct

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