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The Internet is full of tech-related tips and tricks that can totally simplify your everyday life. In fact, here we have 15 such hacks that will make you wonder how you ever survived this long without knowing about them. First Hack: Use an Instant Virtual Number instead of your regular phone number.

05:57:01 on 15 Sep

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After 18 hours of new research and testing, we found that the 2 TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim is still the best portable hard drive for most people. It’s reliable, it’s one of the lightest, thinnest hard drives we tested, and it was faster than the competition in our backup and file-transfer tests.

01:57:01 on 15 Sep

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The Indian space agency will simulate various scenarios, including what it has not done and what it had assumed, to arrive at the probable cause of its moon lander Vikram hitting the lunar surface after veering away from its plotted path and losing communication link with ground stations, a retired senior ISRO official said.

01:27:02 on 14 Sep

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Astronomers have for the first time discovered water in the atmosphere of an exoplanet with Earth-like temperatures that could support life as we know it. K2-18b, which is eight times the mass of Earth, is now the only planet orbiting a star outside the Solar System, or ‘exoplanet’, known to have both water and temperatures that could be potentially habitable.

12:54:28 on 12 Sep

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We have reported in the past that PUBG Mobile is supposed to get a new update where players will be able to fly helicopters and even get use heavy artillery like rocket and grenade launchers. Well, we now have an official confirmation from PUBG Mobile itself thanks to an Instagram post.

07:57:02 on 11 Sep

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Apple iPhone 11 is here! After months of anticipation and a stream of leaks and rumours later Apple on September 10 refreshed its smartphone lineup by launching the iPhone 11 series consisting of the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max at the Steve Jobs Theatre in its Cupertino, California headquarters.

04:57:01 on 11 Sep

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KFC is entering the video games market, with the launch of a dating simulator centred around a suave, young Colonel Sanders. "I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger-Lickin' Good Dating Simulator" is due to be released on September 24. Although some reacted positively to the news, many called KFC out for its "cringey" appeal to gamers.

12:46:51 on 11 Sep

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Vivaldi, the cross-platform Web browser that is popular on desktop platforms, has now reached Android. The Oslo, Norway-based company has released the first beta version of its Vivaldi browser on Android with an array of tools such as Speed Dials, Panels, and Capture that all were previously available on desktops.

07:30:08 on 10 Sep

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Apps with names like Virus Cleaner and Antivirus security and which appear to be genuine anti-virus (AV) or virus-removal apps have been spotted on Google Play Store and have seen over a lakh downloads already, said a new report by Quick Heal Security Labs on Tuesday. The main purpose of these apps is to show advertisements and increase the download count.

05:00:37 on 10 Sep

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Samsung Galaxy A50s is expected to launch in India on Wednesday, September 11. The South Korean giant has started teasing the new launch through its social media accounts. The Galaxy A50s was unveiled as an upgrade of the Galaxy A50 last month. The smartphone houses a triple rear camera setup and features a full-HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity U display.

03:57:01 on 09 Sep

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Chandrayaan 2 lunar lander Vikram has been located on the moon's surface and the ground station is working to establish contact, news agency PTI quoted ISRO chief K Sivan. ISRO had lost contact with Vikram, one of three components of the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft, on Saturday morning while the lander was attempting a historic soft landing near the south pole of the moon.

08:27:01 on 09 Sep

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Realme has announced to launch a smartphone which will have a screen with 90Hz refresh rate. The company’s product manager Wang Derek posted on Weibo to confirm that Realme’s 90Hz display smartphone is not far away. In the post, Derek did not reveal any specifications of the said device but revealed that it will be cheaper than the OnePlus 7.

05:57:01 on 08 Sep

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Hours after India’s dream of placing a lander spacecraft on moon crashed early on September 7, the Indian Space Research Organisation’s teams associated with the still orbiting Chandrayaan 2 mission were looking for clues in the last minutes of data from the lander Vikram’s descent. The lander Vikram was to have set itself down on the moon’s surface at 1.55 a.m. on Sep 7.

10:57:01 on 08 Sep

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The newer Face ID system that used a 3D model of the user’s face to secure the phone completely replaced the fingerprint sensors found on the home button of iPhones and it was believed that the iPhone 8 series would be the last phones to use Touch ID. However, according to a new report, the company could be heading back to touch ID with their next series of iPhones.

07:57:02 on 07 Sep

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A coalition of US state officials announced Friday they had launched an antitrust investigation of Facebook to determine if the social media giant "has stifled competition and put users at risk." New York state Attorney General Letitia James released a statement announcing the action on behalf of seven other states and the District of Columbia.

01:17:51 on 07 Sep

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If you are an Apple Music subscriber then this is a piece of information you shouldn't miss. Nearly four years after introducing its music streaming service - Apple Music - back in 2015, Apple has finally introduced the web interface of the service that would allow Apple Music subscribers to access it without downloading the Apple Music or the iTunes app on their device.

06:57:01 on 06 Sep

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There’s no denying that the OnePlus range of smartphones has disrupted the industry in more ways than one ever since they first launched. Now, the company is launching its first-ever new product in the form of a smart television – almost a year after Founder and CEO Pete Lau teased about it in a Twitter post.

04:27:01 on 06 Sep

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Chandrayaan-2 is ready to face its moment of truth. Later tonight, its lander module, called Vikram, which has already detached itself from the main spacecraft and has been moving independently for the last three days, will begin what ISRO Chairman K Sivan has been repeatedly describing as “the most terrifying 15 minutes” of its journey.

12:27:02 on 06 Sep

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With IFA 2019 ready to kick off, smartphone and feature phone maker HMD Global has just announced a bunch of products in the segment under its licensed Nokia brand. Alongside the new smartphones, it has also launched the Nokia Power Earbuds, a pair of truly wireless earphones that promise class-leading battery life of up to 150 hours per charge cycle.

09:09:01 on 05 Sep

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Reliance Jio will announce full details of its broadband service ‘Jio Fiber’ later today. Reliance Jio Fiber will compete with Airtel’s V-Fiber broadband service. Airtel V-Fiber broadband service features high-quality W-Fi modem and faster HD video streaming. Airtel currently offers as many as four V-Fiber data plans.

03:27:02 on 05 Sep

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E-commerce giant Amazon India on Wednesday said it aims to eliminate single-use plastic from its packaging by June 2020 as part of its sustainability efforts in the country. The move comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to shun single-use plastic to protect the environment. This is an extension of the initiative which has been underway in Maharashtra.

06:27:01 on 04 Sep

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Some Apple products like AirPods, Apple Watch, HomePods and iMac computers were likely to get costlier as the new 15 per cent US tariffs on Chinese products came into effect from Sunday. Apple has its products assembled by Foxconn in China. Apple iPhones may also be around $100 more expensive in the US once the next set of 15 per cent tariff comes into place from December.

05:55:02 on 02 Sep

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ISRO on Sunday said it has successfully performed the fifth and final lunar bound orbit manoeuvre for the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft and was gearing up for separation of the lander from the orbiter on September 2. All spacecraft parameters are normal, the Bengaluru headquartered space agency said after Sunday's manoeuvre on the spacecraft.

04:27:01 on 02 Sep

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The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) on Thursday announced that its Moon mission Chandrayaan-2 has officially crossed the milestone set by its predecessor Chandrayaan-1. In a tweet, Isro said, "Chandrayaan-2 has officially gone further than its predecessor Chandrayaan 1! What do you think it will find on the Moon?"

11:27:44 on 30 Aug

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