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Researchers are set to launch trials of technologies that could improve vehicle identification and combat number plate thefts and misuse. One technology being trialled is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sticker on a vehicle’s front windscreen which will act as a third number plate, according to researchers from La Trobe University in Australia.

11:02:58 on 26 Mar

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The Chinese handset maker Oppo announced that its first 5G smartphone has successfully passed 5G CE tests conducted by Sporton International - a global inspection services authority. Originally showcased at MWC in Barcelona, the 5G phone is also the first multi-frequency, multi-mode, and multi-EN-DC combination 5G smartphone to be approved by the CTC.

10:50:18 on 26 Mar

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SIM cards have become so common that we rarely think about smartphones or other devices without SIM cards. The size and form of SIM cards have changed, but they are required in most of our devices that are required for communication. We are talking about SIM cards because there is a company which is bringing a smartphone that does not require a SIM card.

11:27:02 on 25 Mar

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A 50-year-old man from Lithuania has pleaded guilty to scamming Google and Facebook into paying over $120 million for work that never took place. According to a report in The New York Times on Monday, Evaldas Rimasauskas was involved in running a company that controlled several accounts at banks in Latvia and Cyprus.

09:10:01 on 25 Mar

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India on April 1 will launch an electronic intelligence satellite 'Emisat' for the Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) along with 28 third party satellites. ISRO, for the first time, will also demonstrate its new technologies like three different orbits with a new variant of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket.

05:25:01 on 25 Mar

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Motorola may not be the company it used to be a few years ago. However, the company often does keep on coming up with budget models, even though they don't compare with the best in the segment. Earlier this year, Motorola announced the new G7 lineup with fairly mediocre specifications, with the G7 Power making it to the Indian shores at a slightly higher price.

05:08:12 on 25 Mar

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As many as 55% of the sampled English-speaking Internet users were concerned that expressing their political views online could get them into trouble with the authorities, an India digital report by Reuters Institute showed. Of the nearly thousand respondents, there was low trust in news overall (36%) but higher levels of trust in news search (45%) and social media (34%).

04:35:40 on 25 Mar

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Essentials for a tech-savvy time-out

It's that time again: scouring online travel sites for a good deal in fares and room tariffs; dusting the old parka or windcheater, hauling out the backpack or wheeler luggage for your annual summer holiday. Here are some technology tools to ensure a safe and satisfied vacation including safe surfing on public Wi-Fi, Jumbo power source, Talk to your earphones! etc.

01:59:50 on 25 Mar

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Vivo V15 smartphone with 32MP popup selfie camera was launched in India last weak for a price of Rs 23,990. The pre-booking of the device has started on the official Vivo website as well as on online sales channel Amazon and Flipkart. Both Amazon and Flipkart notify that the device will be released on April 1, 2019.

11:50:28 on 25 Mar

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Apple’s special event on March 25 is expected to unveil a new streaming service that will take on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, along with a revamped version of Apple News with a paid subscription. An Apple gaming subscription service could also be on the cards and could compete with the likes of Steam and Google’s Stadia.

10:18:21 on 25 Mar

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Once every few years, there comes a smartphone which carries the weight of an entire brand on its shoulders. Devices that based on the power of their innovation hold within them the power to define the futures of brands that seem almost too big to perish. The Galaxy S10+ is one such device. the S10+ is all about cramming in the best tech that money can buy right now.

01:26:01 on 25 Mar

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Two American astronauts took a spacewalk Friday to replace aging batteries on the International Space Station. NASA's Anne McClain and Nick Hague are scheduled to work in space for several hours to swap out three old nickel-hydrogen batteries with more powerful lithium-ion batteries.

04:31:20 on 24 Mar

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The next-generation of iPhone — often referred as iPhone 11 — will support reverse wireless charging. The feature would be an improvement to the existing wireless charging features of the new iPhones. Reverse wireless charging is not a brand new feature as it already exists on a number of high-end Android phones.

03:25:29 on 24 Mar

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PUBG Mobile said it has fixed the glitch that blocked users from playing the game for long hours. The bug which surfaced a couple of days ago showed users a “Healthy Gaming System” error and blocked them from playing the game for the next 24 hours. Apart from the time limit bug, PUBG Mobile has also fixed issues related to the payment systems.

01:27:01 on 24 Mar

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Apple Inc is expected to unveil a new video streaming service and a news subscription platform at an event on Monday at its California headquarters. The iPhone maker is banking on growing its services business to offset a dip in smartphone sales. Apple has also partnered with Hollywood celebrities to make a streaming debut with a slate of original content.

05:27:01 on 24 Mar

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Google and eBay have partnered up to offer customers Google Pay as a payment option to pay for their shopping on eBay. This is part of the company’s new managed payments programme, under which it provides customers with the ability to check out without the need for leaving the platform by using their preferred method of payment.

04:25:02 on 24 Mar

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Snapchat has partnered up with Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders for IPL 2019. Under the new partnership, the company will provide its users behind-the-scenes updates for their favourite teams on match days via its Augmented Reality Lenses, Our Stories feature and more. You can also opt-in to receive notifications.

03:25:01 on 24 Mar

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Shashi Tharoor is getting a lot more millennial than you'd think. And comedian Hasan Minaj may have a hand in adding to it. In a recent video posted on Twitter, the comedian could be seen teaching the Thiruvananthapuram MP millennial Internet lingo. Adding to Tharoor's already expansive vocabulary, Minaj taught him words like "fleek" "thicc" and "skrt skrt."

01:54:38 on 23 Mar

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Two-Factor Authentication for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail: Facebook has admitted that passwords of millions of users were stored on its internal servers in plain text, readable by its employees. Though the company denies misuse of the passwords, archives of which dates back to 2012, it is recommended that users of Facebook and Instagram change their passwords.

07:03:24 on 22 Mar

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After multiple arrests in India and concerns over people playing their game for too long, Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation seem to have caved into pressure. Gamers say the makers of the wildly popular mobile game PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile) seem to have implemented a play time restriction of six hours.

06:54:48 on 22 Mar

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Ahead of the release of a Warner Bros. feature film "Shazam", photo-messaging app Snapchat has created a voice-activated Augmented Reality (AR) Lens to back the movie. Users are allowed to access the new Lens either by scanning the Snapcode on "Shazam" movie posters or by saying "OK, Shazam", Social Media Today reported on Friday.

06:13:55 on 22 Mar

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Amazon India's Apple Fest sale is back with discounts on select iPhone models, MacBook laptops, Apple Watch, iPad models, and more. The Apple Fest on Amazon India sale will run from March 22 to March 28. The 7-day sale will include discounts as well as no-cost EMI options and other bundled payment offers.

06:12:01 on 22 Mar

Read more at NDTV announced Apple Fest with special deals and EMI offers starting as low as Rs 4,666 per month on best-selling Apple phones. Apple fans can also grab other popular Apple products like tablets, wearables and laptops at lowest prices until March 28, 2019. This Apple Fest, iPhone X and iPhone 6S will be available for a steal.

05:36:01 on 22 Mar

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Public outcry against PUBG Mobile has been rising in India along with growing concerns over video game addiction. Now, according to a report on the internet, a 20-year-old youngster from Jagitial, Telangana died while playing the game. According to a report, the young boy was constantly playing the game for the last 45 days and suffered serious neck pain.

03:50:55 on 22 Mar

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It has just been three months into 2019 and we have already started hearing about fresh string of scandals coming out of Facebook -- once again. On Friday morning it was reported that Facebook stored passwords of hundreds of millions of its users in plain text and that these passwords were accessible and searchable by over 20,000 Facebook employees

03:32:51 on 22 Mar

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Vivo V15 has arrived in the Indian market to join the already available V15 Pro in the Chinese smartphone maker's high-end smartphone lineup. Vivo on Friday officially announced the launch of V15 in the country and stated that the phone will be listed for pre-orders starting next week.

02:56:13 on 22 Mar

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This past week has been the most dramatic in the ongoing YouTube battle between PewDiePie and T-Series. The Indian music label surpassed the Swedish YouTuber multiple times with the subscriber gap as high as 33,000. PewDiePie and T-Series are now close to reaching 100 million subscribers on YouTube. At the moment, PewDiePie is leading by around 13,000 subscribers.

01:45:55 on 22 Mar

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The PM Narendra Modi trailer is a good kind of bad where it’s so bad that it’s funny. Vivek Oberoi plays Modi who seems to be a superhero-cum-patriot-cum-everything-amazing that a person can be. Everything in this trailer is over the top. While the film is set to release right before the elections, it has failed to convince many. The gimmicky trailer has Twitter in splits.

01:20:15 on 22 Mar

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In a move to expand its user base in India, Netflix, the America-based streaming giant, is set to introduce a lower subscription base price for mobile users in India on a test basis. This plan, however, will only target the cell-phone subscriber community, as opposed to its current plans, wherein a singular subscription can be accessed on TVs, mobile phones and computers.

11:07:53 on 22 Mar

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International transport group Stagecoach is testing United Kingdom’s first driverless bus around a depot in Great Manchester. It is mandatory for drivers to be present on the trial buses as a precautionary measure. Plans to launch five autonomous buses between Edinburgh and Fife across the Forth Road Bridge Corridor in 2020 are in the pipeline.

10:31:17 on 22 Mar

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In a first, Google celebrated renowned German musician Johann Christian Bach with an AI-powered doodle. The best thing about today's Doodle is anyone can create their melody, and the machine learning model will harmonise it in Bach’s style. Google today also introduced Coconet, the machine learning model behind the Doodle. The doodle is an interactive experience.

08:35:01 on 22 Mar

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As a game, PUBG is not extraordinary. As PUBG Mobile lends itself to team play, it can create professional gamers, an audience for on-screen action, and even generate revenues. It makes no sense to deprive people of a particular game’s thrills on vague allegations of its bad influence. Arbitrary bans reveal a lack of clarity on the principles of governance.

09:57:01 on 21 Mar

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Facing flak for failure to block the live broadcast of the New Zealand terrorist attack last week, Facebook on Thursday said that its AI tools were not "perfect" to detect the horrific video. Vowing to improve its technology, the social networking giant, however, ruled out adding a time delay to Facebook Live, similar to the broadcast delay sometimes used by TV stations.

08:26:01 on 21 Mar

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WhatsApp Business released on Android in January last year but its release on iPhone has been pending ever since. Last month, we had reported that the app was finally in beta testing for iPhone. Now, it has been reported that the app is out of beta and a stable version is finally live via the App Store.

07:24:21 on 21 Mar

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Finland's data protection ombudsman said on Thursday he would investigate whether Nokia-branded phones had breached data rules after a report said the handsets sent information to China. Nokia-branded mobile phones are developed under licence by Finnish company HMD Global, which said no personal data had been shared with a third party.

06:45:34 on 21 Mar

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Happy Birthday, Twitter! This Holi, 21 March, also marks the 13th birthday of Twitter, the barometer of current times. As it enters its teenage years, the platform is acting much like the human adolescent, oscillating between moody extremes — spewing vicious vitriol one moment, and offering messages of social change and heartwarming cat memes the next.

06:40:01 on 21 Mar

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Amazon India on Wednesday, March 20, launched a new Kindle with an adjustable front light in India. The new Kindle is priced at Rs 7,999 and it will be available for pre-orders in Black and White on Amazon India starting today. Talking about the features, the new Kindle features a 6-inch glare-free screen with a 167 ppi display and an updated electronic ink technology.

04:56:34 on 21 Mar

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This week Google announced Google Stadia. It's the company's game streaming platform that allows users to play high-quality, console-like games on any device they own that can run its Chrome browser. Company's Stadia keynote at GDC 2019 showed off the likes of Doom Eternal and Assassin's Creed Odyssey running smoothly on stage across devices, hands-on impressions.

04:43:38 on 21 Mar

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New Sky TV boss Martin Stewart hints that his company should never have lost the 2019 Rugby World Cup to Spark, and needs to repair relationships with NZ Rugby and other content partners as it looks to re-establish itself as "the home of the sport." The ex-pat Brit has kind words for Spark's first foray into sports streaming with the Melbourne Grand Prix.

04:40:01 on 21 Mar

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NASA to send helicopter to Mars

NASA is sending a helicopter to Mars. According to NASA, "the Mars Helicopter, a small, autonomous rotorcraft, will travel with the agency’s Mars 2020 rover mission, currently scheduled to launch in July 2020, to demonstrate the viability and potential of heavier-than-air vehicles on the Red Plane"

04:29:37 on 21 Mar

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Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 7, and the Redmi Go in India recently. The Redmi Note 7 Pro and the Xiaomi launched a slightly altered variant of the Redmi Note 7 in India which sports a 12-megapixel primary camera compared to the Redmi Note 7 with a 48-megapixel camera that it launched in China.

04:24:41 on 21 Mar

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At GDC 2019, Epic Games announced a host of games that would exclusive to company's Epic Games Store, forsaking a release on Steam, the de facto PC game storefront for many. These include PS4-exclusive Detroit: Become Human, Ancestors, Oxenfree developer Night School Studio's next game Afterparty, and Control from Quantum Break and Alan Wake developer Remedy among others.

03:07:49 on 21 Mar

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WhatsApp regularly updates its app with new features on Android and iOS. The messaging app also tests many features on its beta versions. Some of the features in tested are available for users through WhatsApp beta on Android and iOS. Check out the features WhatsApp has been testing for quite some time, and are expected to release soon.

01:26:46 on 21 Mar

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Yesterday, Google announced plans for a new game-streaming service called Stadia. Besides the logo, the controller, and a single game — Doom Eternal — the announcement left us with more questions than answers. The platform will store a game-playing session in the cloud and lets players jump across devices operating on Google's Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

11:28:04 on 21 Mar

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Premium smartphone maker Huawei on Wednesday said it would launch its foldable 5G smartphone 'Mate X' in India in 2019. According to the smartphone player, Mate X would be launched by mid-year and considering India as an important market, it would be introduced here soon after. However, the foldable device's availability would depend on the 5G network in the country.

07:13:14 on 20 Mar

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Images of the updated Volkswagen Vento have again surfaced online, and this time around we get a much closer look at the car. However, we only get to the rear section of the car in the latest spy photo, but the partial camouflage indicates that the cosmetic changes made to the car will be limited.

06:25:42 on 20 Mar

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Micro-blogging site Twitter has decided to audit app developers who use data from its platform, as business and research boosting tools to make sure it gets paid for the information delivered. Starting June 19, developers that use recent tweets from or mention a user more than 100,000 times per day, will have to submit their apps to Twitter for review.

05:09:50 on 20 Mar

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Google+ isn't the only product Google is shutting down next month. Inbox by Gmail is also set to shut down on April 2. Google had announced its plans to kill the popular mobile email app last year. In case you're still using Inbox by Gmail, it's likely that you've come across a notification within the app, informing you that the app will be 'going away' in 13 days.

04:58:38 on 20 Mar

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Samsung Galaxy Fold was unveiled alongside the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e models in San Francisco last month. Samsung even used a protective case to prevent media from shooting detailed hands-on preview and first impressions of the Galaxy Fold. However, a video previewing the Galaxy Fold has now surfaced online reveals a crease in the flexible display panel.

03:16:15 on 20 Mar

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Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram on Tuesday, 19 March made a move into the potentially lucrative e-commerce industry by adding an option to buy products shown off in posts by selected brands. A new "checkout" button for instant purchasing launched in a beta version of the app in the US with a limited number of businesses.

03:11:28 on 20 Mar

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The Indian cyber security machinery, in collaboration with a self-proclaimed anonymous French security researcher who has been vocal about data security through his Twitter account, claimed to have plugged a major data leak over the course of the last nine days. Highly placed sources said the matter was discussed at the highest levels of the Indian government.

01:01:29 on 20 Mar

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Alphabet's Google will prompt Android users to choose their preferred browsers and search apps as the company seeks to allay EU antitrust concerns and ward off fresh sanctions. The European Commission last year handed Google a record 4.34 billion euro ($4.9 billion) fine for using the market power of its mobile software to block rivals in areas such as internet browsing.

11:12:21 on 20 Mar

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Spending three and a half hours per day on phones is not difficult for many of us. Half of that time is spent mindlessly scrolling Twitter and Instagram and getting pissed off at the news. There’s a movement, though, aimed at making our phones easier to put down. Even technology companies like Apple are announcing new features meant to scale back screen time.

10:22:38 on 20 Mar

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DeepFakes, tricking netizens

Everyone who has pointed an accusatory finger at neutral tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) and yelled ‘saboteur!’ is probably saying ‘I told you so,’ as DeepFakes take over the web. DeepFake is the portmanteau of ‘deep learning’ and ‘fake.’ One can even think of DeepFakes as the Internet’s ‘false positives’.

11:27:01 on 19 Mar

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Criticism of big tech companies that track us across the internet without our informed consent misses a bigger picture: There are hundreds of ad-tracking companies that do the same, and regulators have been powerless. A report by the Danish privacy consulting firm Cookiebot says that 112 ad-tracking companies collect information about visitors to websites in EU.

10:57:01 on 19 Mar

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Vivo X27 and X27 Pro have been unveiled in China. Both new Vivo phones come with pop-up selfie camera setup and run Android Pie-based Funtouch OS 9 out-of-the-box. The Vivo X27 sports a 16-megapixel selfie camera along with a wide-angle lens, whereas the Vivo X27 Pro comes with a 32-megapixel selfie camera that is equipped with a soft LED flash.

07:51:15 on 19 Mar

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After experimenting with the interactive storytelling format with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, online streaming platform Netflix is set to launch a live action interactive series You Vs. Wild, starring Bear Grylls next month. Netflix announced the show at the Netflix Labs 2019, a press event, in Los Angeles on Monday.

06:08:40 on 19 Mar

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You don't hear all that much about the LG phones anymore. At least, not like the way you hear of phones from its Korean counterpart Samsung. Or about the phones from OnePlus. And that is a pity, because LG actually makes some really cool and premium phones. Unlike the days of the LG G6 and all, the new LG premium phones are even priced sensibly.

04:34:00 on 19 Mar

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Holi-proof your gadgets this Holi

The vibrant festival of colours – Holi, is just around the corner and all of us are busy preparing for the day, from the well-known delicacies, special recipes, where to party, what to wear and which colours to use. Some simple and handy tips that can help your phone, and valuables survive this Holi.

04:30:27 on 19 Mar

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After testing in beta program for a while, Xiaomi has finally announced the Mi Pay payments app in India. The app is based on UPI technology and will be available to download on the Mi Store app. The Mi Pay will only work with Xiaomi phones that run on MIUI for now. Xiaomi says that Mi Pay has been certified by NPCI and is a safe way to make digital payments.

03:47:35 on 19 Mar

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OPPO has officially unveiled the A5s in Taiwan and this handset is a successor to the A5. The new offering from OPPO comes with an Helio P35 SoC and a 6.2-inch in-cell display that boasts an HD+ resolution of 720 x 1520. As of now, there is no word on availability and pricing. Also, it is unknown when the handset will make its way to India.

03:11:13 on 19 Mar

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Accessing your private information on any network you are unsure of, can be risky. Free WiFi makes it easy to do a whole bunch of things including shopping online, completing a study assignment or skyping with family living overseas. But just because it makes many things more convenient, doesn't mean that its risk-free. Check out how you can protect your information.

02:10:55 on 19 Mar

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Netflix Inc Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings confirmed that his company won’t be participating in Apple Inc.’s new streaming platform, reflecting new competition between the Silicon Valley giants. Apple plans to introduce the video-streaming service on March 25, opening up a new battlefront for the tech industry and Hollywood.

12:54:48 on 19 Mar

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Asia’s participation in global value chains has been critical for job creation in the continent. However, these jobs could now be under threat from technology. According to new research, technologies such as digital manufacturing and robots could result in job losses in the region. As per new research, technologies such as robots could result in job losses in the region.

06:40:01 on 19 Mar

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Smartphone camera technology has seen a vast improvement over the years. Manufacturers have been experimenting with hardware and software in an attempt to achieve performance that can topple DSLRs and alike. And while smartphone cameras have become more popular, they still sit behind traditional cameras when it comes to sheer quality.

02:55:01 on 19 Mar

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On Sunday, social media giant Facebook banned one of India’s most active pages, run by Dhruv Rathee a popular YouTuber with more than 1.7 million subscribers. Rathee, a self-described “political centrist”, is often critical of the Modi government and has, as a result, attracted criticism from supporters of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

09:25:02 on 18 Mar

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In an attempt to combat copyright-related issues on YouTube, creators have started adding self-sung songs behind funny clips they wish to shoot a reaction video on. Reaction videos, typically monetised, are a huge part of the current YouTube culture where people lift clips and trailers and film their reactions to what is happening on-screen.

07:16:13 on 18 Mar

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Ahead of the Redmi Go launch in the country, Flipkart has started teasing the phone on its website. The e-retailer has set up a microsite for the phone, which highlights a few features and specifications of the phone. Xiaomi typically uses a heavily-customised version of Android - MIUI – on its smartphones.

06:16:10 on 18 Mar

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Honor had launched the 10 Lite earlier this year and riding on its success, the company has launched a new variant of the smartphone with the 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage at Rs 11,999, today. The AI front camera recognizes eight selfie scenarios and even optimizes the background of the photo offers a superior selfie experience in both day and night lighting.

05:15:35 on 18 Mar

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Free antivirus apps on the Google PlayStore are a dime a dozen. But, a recent study by a security research firm has found that almost two-thirds of these applications are fake. The Austria-based antivirus research firm AV Comparatives had found only 80 apps delivered proper protection to the phone of the 250 apps it had tested.

05:03:52 on 18 Mar

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The Facebook livestreaming of New Zealand mosque shooting has brought to the fore a critical issue for the law enforcement agencies to deal with, as tech giants struggle to find a solution to pro-actively stop such incidents. Strapped with a GoPro camera to his head, the gunman broadcast graphic footage of shooting people via Facebook Live for nearly 17 minutes.

04:40:50 on 18 Mar

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In a bid to curb fake news during the general elections, WhatsApp and NASSCOM Foundation on Monday came together to impart digital literacy training. As part of the partnership, WhatsApp and NASSCOM Foundation will train nearly 1,00,000 Indians to spot false information and provide tips and tricks to stay safe on WhatsApp.

03:58:09 on 18 Mar

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Xiaomi has launched the Redmi 7 smartphone today at an event in China alongside the Redmi Note 7 Pro, which has already been launched in India. The device is the successor of the budget segment smartphone Redmi 6, which was launched in September 2018 in India. The Redmi 7 is available in Blue, Red and Black colour options in China.

03:06:21 on 18 Mar

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Amazon and Vodafone Idea announced today that all Idea Nirvana postpaid customers are now eligible to receive a year of Amazon Prime membership (worth Rs 999) at no additional cost. This gives customers access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading and unlimited free, fast shipping of products and exclusive access to deals on

02:59:41 on 18 Mar

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On March 25, Apple is hosting its " Show Time" event at the Steve Jobs theatre. This newly built theatre in California will see Apple executives and partners take to the stage and discuss upcoming service by the company, as well as its partnerships with third parties. At the event, Apple is widely expected to announce a new Apple News service and possibly a TV service.

07:40:02 on 18 Mar

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Facebook Inc said it removed 1.5 million videos globally of the New Zealand mosque attack in the first 24 hours after the attack. The company said it is also removing all edited versions of the video that do not show graphic content out of respect for the people affected by the mosque shooting and the concerns of local authorities.

04:25:01 on 18 Mar

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Huawei's first big flagship duo for 2019 will be the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. These phones are set to go official on March 26 at an event in Paris. Ahead of its launch, mostly everything about the P30 and P30 Pro are out in the open. Both the phones are expected to bring OLED displays, more cameras, upgraded hardware and bigger batteries compared to their predecessors.

04:37:02 on 17 Mar

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A new leak claims that Apple might be preparing to launch a 10.2-inch and 10.5-inch iPad this year. However, they won’t get launched at the same time. Apple would launch two new iPads in the market a 10.2-inch iPad 7 and 10.5-inch iPad. The former model will be a direct successor to the current-generation 9.7-inch iPad, while the latter one will be a completely new iPad.

10:22:32 on 17 Mar

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Social media platforms including Facebook Inc. are facing harsher scrutiny after a shooter accused of killing 49 people in two mosques in New Zealand live-streamed the murders over the internet. While platforms including Twitter and YouTube said they moved fast to remove the content, users reported it was still widely available hours after being first uploaded.

05:01:56 on 17 Mar

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ECI to convene a meeting of Country Heads of major social media companies on 19th March 2019 to discuss issues related to using social media in forthcoming Elections. Recently, an NGO has sent a notice to the Election Commission of India (ECI) demanding it frame guidelines to regulate the functioning of online social media platforms ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

11:09:55 on 16 Mar

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Smartphones makers have been launching their new offering at a rapid pace in recent time and this month, we saw a slew of smartphones debuting in the market with top-notch features and competitive price tag. Even in the forthcoming days, we are going to witness the launch of Xiaomi's two devices-Xiaomi Redmi 7 and Xiaomi Redmi Go and Vivo's premium X27 smartphone.

10:22:47 on 16 Mar

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Parent of Snapchat messaging app Snap plans to announce its gaming platform for developers next month, online news service Cheddar reported on Friday, citing a person familiar with the matter. The platform, codenamed "Project Cognac," will feature a handful of games from outside developers designed to work specifically in the Snapchat app, according to the report.

12:25:02 on 16 Mar

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The Division 2 Review

The Division 2 is Ubisoft's latest shared world shooter and a follow up to 2016's solid The Division, which we found to be a fantastic romp across a snowy, post-pandemic New York. In The Division 2, the action takes place in the warmer climes of Washington DC, months after the events of the first game.

07:18:27 on 15 Mar

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How to Make YouTube Safer for Your Kids

Everyone knows that YouTube has some fantastic videos that are great for kids, but a spate of controversies has hit the site since last yr when people discovered that kids have been viewing some rather inappropriate videos on the service. Thankfully, YouTube Kids has several options for parents, allowing them to enable to keep their children safe from inappropriate videos.

04:56:02 on 15 Mar

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Toreto has launched TODS - wireless earbuds. These earbuds allow you to get your daily dose of music while jogging, cooking or driving, Bluetooth enabled TODS get connected easily with any phone without the hassle of wires. These earbuds are sweat proof and enable you to enjoy non-stop music for a longer duration.

03:31:54 on 15 Mar

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Oppo F11 Pro review: The do-it-all phone

As more and more smartphones start looking the same with similar hardware on offer, brands are unable to do enough to differentiate their phones. But Oppo has done something different with the F11 Pro. The 6.5-inch smartphone eliminates the notch by placing the selfie camera in a module that pops up from the top of the device.

03:23:25 on 15 Mar

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PUBG Mobile has issued a statement on the recent arrests in Rajkot, Gujarat of players, after the game was banned in the city, saying the company is trying to understand the legal basis of the same. In its statement PUBG Mobile said that the game is “meant merely for entertainment and should be enjoyed in a healthy and responsible manner.”

03:11:34 on 15 Mar

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After years of vowing to police inappropriate content, YouTube continues to deliver violent imagery, drug references, sexually suggestive sequences and foul, racially charged language in clips that reach children at a troubling pace, say, researchers, and parents. YouTube's recommendation algorithm, they say, fails to reliably segment content by appropriate age levels.

01:51:10 on 15 Mar

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Xiaomi's first Android Go smartphone is all set to be launched in India. The Redmi Go will be launched on 19 March in Delhi. The event will commence at 12 am and Xiaomi is expected to share the live stream link of the launch event soon. Xiaomi India head Manu Kumar Jain tweeted the launch teaser of the Redmi Go in Hindi with the hashtag #AapkiNayiDuniya.

01:05:14 on 15 Mar

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As Facebook pushes for a more private and encrypted communication across its apps, two of its top executives -- Chief Product Officer Chris Cox and WhatsApp Vice President Chris Daniels -- have quit the company. Embroiled in data privacy scandals amid the unabated spread of fake news on its platform, Facebook has lately seen several high-profile exits.

11:57:54 on 15 Mar

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Facebook blamed a "server configuration change" for a massive outage affecting its applications around the world and brought fresh attention to the embattled social networking leader. The outage affected users for at least 12 hours in most areas of the world, with the biggest impact in North America and Europe, according to the tracking website

08:57:01 on 15 Mar

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Samsung Electronics Co. said it will push to put cameras and sensors beneath the screens of smartphones to create "perfect full-screen" devices. The South Korean tech giant said its Infinity-O Display, used in Galaxy S10, is a "milestone" for its display technology, although going forward, it will showcase a "full screen" look for upcoming smartphones.

07:41:01 on 15 Mar

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Facebook, already the leader in enabling you to share photos, videos and links, now wants to be a force in messaging, commerce, payments and just about everything else you do online. The company’s ambitions harken to how WeChat has become the centerpiece of digital life in China, where people use it to order movie tickets, subway passes, food delivery and rides.

01:25:01 on 15 Mar

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It seems that with the explosion of social media, the number of debates we engage in has similarly exploded. For the past few weeks, the topic of many a discussion was India’s response to the terrorist attack in Pulwama. There is a growing tendency to believe that one’s own point of view is better than even that of experts. This does not bode well for any society.

09:25:02 on 14 Mar

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Google Maps has started rolling out a feature that lets users report accidents and speed traps while navigating to their destinations. The new feature, which is inspired by speed trap and accident reporting options on navigation app Waze, was initially spotted last year. However, it appears that Google has now brought the new update for its users globally.

07:45:39 on 14 Mar

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Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has been trying to combat fake news by restricting forwards as well as released commercials to educate the masses about the news that is shared on the platform. WhatsApp beta 2.19.73 update for Android has been spotted with a 'Search image' feature which will take a user to Google in order to search for similar images.

05:41:13 on 14 Mar

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Speaking publicly about his differences with Facebook, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton urged Stanford University students to delete their Facebook accounts, as he explained his reasons for selling the app to Mark Zuckerberg in the first place. Acton made statements on Facebook while addressing a panel that also involved a former Facebook software engineer, Ellora Israni.

05:34:55 on 14 Mar

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Google has removed more than 200 apps from the Google Play Store that were infected by a malicious strain of adware program called SimBad. The malicious adware, that has been downloaded more than 150 million times, was removed from the Play Store after researchers at the data security firm CheckPoint reported the malicious app to the tech giant.

04:23:40 on 14 Mar

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The Economic Times reportedy, 14 March, that Apple might stop selling the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus in India and move them out of stores that average less than 35 unit sales a month. The report, said that the strategy is to reinforce Apple's premium positioning in the country. It also said that this will increase the entry price of iPhones by more than Rs 5,000.

03:54:12 on 14 Mar

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Huawei Nova 4e is official. The Chinese tech giant on Thursday introduced the new Nova 4e smartphone in China. The phone is a part of the company's mid-range lineup and comes with features like double-curved glass body, rear fingerprint sensor, and a 6.15-inch screen. The Nova 4e also packs three cameras on the back and a 32-megapixel selfie camera on the front.

03:48:26 on 14 Mar

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