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The Lite version of PUBG is an attempt by PUBG Corporation to get more players onto the PC experience of the game, which it was originally designed for. The full version of PUBG was notorious for demanding a powerful system in order to play it, resulting in the LITE version being released to tap the mass market of gamers.

08:19:32 on 19 Jul

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According to reports, Indian citizens will soon be able to apply for e-passports that are currently being developed by IIT-Kanpur, National Informatics Centre (NIC), India Security Press (ISP) and the Ministry of External Affairs officials with advanced security features. The new concept of smart passports has already been approved by the government.

07:23:30 on 19 Jul

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YouTube Music has rolled out a nifty new feature, which allows you to flip between the audio or video mode of a song with just a tap. That's of course if the song's video is available. YouTube says the feature is available for over five million songs on the platform right now.

07:00:15 on 19 Jul

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"I think Apollo 11 was one of the most inspiring things in all of human history. Arguably the most inspiring thing. And one of the most universally good things in history. The level of inspiration that provided to the people of Earth was incredible. And it certainly inspired me. I’m not sure SpaceX would exist if not for Apollo 11," says Elon Musk.

06:04:04 on 19 Jul

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Is FaceApp Safe? A Privacy Check

FaceApp Founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov, in response to The Quint’s queries, said: “We don’t sell or share any user data with any third parties.” In a detailed reply, the Goncharov also stated, “We accept requests from users for removing all their data from our servers.”

04:25:06 on 19 Jul

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday invited suggestions from people for his Independence Day speech, saying it will allow thoughts of the common man to be heard by the entire nation. For the past four years, Modi has directly invited ideas and suggestions from people for his Independence Day speech which is made from the ramparts of Red Fort.

03:40:02 on 19 Jul

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On July 16, 1969, a mighty Saturn V rocket set off from Florida carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins for the first human mission to the Moon. It has been 50 years since mankind took "the giant leap" and celebrations are in full swing all over the world, especially the US.

02:36:01 on 19 Jul

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Netflix will roll out a lower-priced mobile-screen plan in India in Q3 in addition to its existing plans. This was confirmed by the company in a letter to its shareholders for the second quarter of 2019. The lower-priced plan is aimed at introducing a large number of people in India to Netflix.

08:12:02 on 19 Jul

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Chennai-based security researcher Laxman Muthiyah has won $30,000 as a part of a bug bounty programme after he spotted a flaw in Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram. Muthiyah said the vulnerability allowed him to “hack any Instagram account without consent permission”.

08:42:01 on 18 Jul

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For Telecom major Ericsson switching on 5G services will be as easy as activating the service in areas where network operators are using its latest radios, but the company says the efforts will not be worth it unless there is adequate bandwidth. "Now, that’s where 3.5GHz and 28GHz play a key role because our recommendation is at least 100MHz", says Nitin Bansal.

07:57:59 on 18 Jul

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Huawei will launch its first pop-up camera smartphone in India this month, industry sources have told India Today Tech. We have also learnt that the upcoming Huawei smartphone will be priced in the sub-Rs 20,000. While the name of the smartphone has not been revealed to us, it seems highly possible that we are looking at the Huawei P Smart Z.

04:47:42 on 18 Jul

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Government has some questions for TikTok. As well as Helo. Both apps are made by ByteDance and the company believes that it will have the right and satisfactory answers for the government to resolve the issue. The government wants answers by July 22 and says that if answers are not satisfactory it may ban the apps.

03:57:24 on 18 Jul

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AI photo editing app, FaceApp resurrected in the past week. Everyone’s social media feed is now filled with people posting photos of how they would look when they turn old. While FaceApp is all the rage right now you may be giving the company access to a lot more than you think.

02:53:30 on 18 Jul

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Mi A3 vs Mi A2: What's the Difference?

Mi A3 was launched by Xiaomi on Wednesday as its latest Android One smartphone. The new Mi-series phone is designed to be a successor to the Mi A2 that the Chinese company introduced last year. The dual-SIM (Nano) Mi A3 runs Android 9 Pie out-of-the-box. However, the Mi A2 was launched with Android 8.1 Oreo, though it received an update to Android Pie late last year.

01:19:56 on 18 Jul

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India's second mission to the moon, Chandrayaan-2 which was postponed due to the technical snag is rescheduled to launch on July 22nd at 2:43 pm. Earlier, ISRO planned to launch Chandrayaan-2 on July 15th. Though, the officials haven't given the explanation or the details of the technical glitch they say they have rectified it and the launch is good to go.

11:28:39 on 18 Jul

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Android games have come a long way in terms of their graphics. With the ever-increasing interest in mobile gaming, it is hardly any surprise that games such as PUBG and Fortnite offer some of the best graphics experience that you can have on a phone. In fact, we spent nearly a month sorting through to gauge which of the titles are worthy of being highlighted as chart-toppers.

10:42:02 on 17 Jul

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Social media giant Facebook is close to opening its new WhatsApp payment system in India after dealing with the audit problem, local media reported. The debut for the cross-platform messaging application was delayed by the Indian regulations. Mainly, the agency has to provide information to a third-party auditor that all data on the service will be stored solely in India.

10:12:02 on 17 Jul

Xiaomi launched the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro in India today. The two phones offer great specifications on paper, come with a pop-up selfie camera, a triple rear camera setup, and an in-display fingerprint scanner. We compare the Redmi K20 with the Redmi K20 Pro to see what are the differences between the two phones, in detail.

09:57:01 on 17 Jul

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To help paralyzed people control devices and empower people with brain disorders enrich their lives, Elon Musk-led startup Neuralink has revealed tiny brain 'threads' in a chip which is long-lasting, usable at home and has the potential to replace cumbersome devices currently used as brain-machine interfaces.

09:12:01 on 17 Jul

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The CES gadget show is cracking down on its dress code, introducing more sessions focused on women and minorities and creating a new "sex tech" category after a debacle over a robotic personal massager for women. The Consumer Technology Association, the trade group that organises the annual gadget show in Las Vegas, unveiled policy changes Tuesday.

08:12:02 on 17 Jul

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Nubia Red Magic 3 12GB RAM + 256GB storage variant is going on sale in India today. The 12GB model can be purchased via Flipkart, and the e-commerce site will be providing some launch offers as well. The Nubia Red Magic 3 was launched in India last month, and the 8GB RAM variant went on sale soon after.

06:14:11 on 17 Jul

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Xiaomi’s popular Redmi lineup is headed in a new direction with the latest Redmi K20 series. This is the first Redmi series to sport flagship-level specifications, but at a much more modest pricing that starts at Rs 27,999 and goes up to Rs 30,999. There’s an exorbitant version as well, a Redmi K20 Pro made of gold and diamonds at Rs 4.8 lakh.

05:10:57 on 17 Jul

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For some of us who are yet to join the #FaceApp bandwagon, the whole idea of using a filter to make ourselves look forty to fifty years older is absurd, to be honest. But clearly, some can't get enough of it. For those wondering why their social media is filled with pictures of elderly people, here's why.

03:06:51 on 17 Jul

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When China-based Redmi became a sub-brand, ultimately separating from parent company Xiaomi, on January 10 this year, many expected upgraded smartphone experiences at a bang for their buck. That said, today the brand is launching their first-ever flagship devices: the K20 series.

02:45:46 on 17 Jul

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The company that brought you free digital maps and email, wants to do the same thing for your drone. Wing LLC, an offshoot of Alphabet Inc’s Google, on Tuesday unveiled a new app it calls OpenSky that it hopes will become the basis for a full-fledged air-traffic control system to manage the expected growth of this new class of flying devices.

09:27:02 on 17 Jul

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Following multi-million programmes that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Earth, accessibility and humanitarian action, technology giant Microsoft will now channel $10 million (nearly Rs 68 crore) into an AI project that focuses on tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

05:27:02 on 17 Jul

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Last month the telecom minister last month said that India would conduct field trials for 5G in the first 100 days of the new government. One question that has been asked is whether Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei will be able to participate in the trials. Huawei was blacklisted by the US government after it was alleged of data theft.

10:57:01 on 16 Jul

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Fake influencers and the Instagram

Marketers looking to raise sales or impress onlookers via social media influencers had better watch out. As many as 16 million accounts of Indian influencers on Instagram are fake, or so says a study by Swedish e-commerce startup, A Good Company, and data analytics firm HypeAuditor.

10:42:01 on 16 Jul

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Are we too dependent on wearable devices?

The likes of Black Mirror, Love, Death & Robots, and even Archer have taught us to be wary of the dependency we may end up experiencing with the advent of wearable technology, nicknamed wearables. So much of the pull of wearables is geared towards trend up-keep — which some may dub ‘sheepism.’

08:57:01 on 16 Jul

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vivo Z1Pro: The mid-segment master

Want a phone that works at the rate of knots? With great cameras? The ability to run even the heaviest duty games out there? Never gives you panic attacks about battery life? And oh, good looking enough to turn heads? You would think that getting all that in a single phone would definitely burn a very big hole in your pocket. Well, you would be wrong.

05:49:00 on 16 Jul

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In the latest PUBG Mobile patch 0.13.5, the game receives a new graphics setting that aims to improve the experience. Under the frame rate settings, you will find a new option called Extreme. This option will offer players a higher frame rate. Players can now actually take advantage of the high refresh rate screens on phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro and Nubia Red Magic 3.

04:22:45 on 16 Jul

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WhatsApp and Telegram media files are vulnerable to hackers who could manipulate the media files received on these messaging platforms, according to cyber-security firm Symantec. Researchers from the firm disclosed the flaws to WhatsApp and Telegram as well. The ‘Media File Jacking’ flaw could allow potential hackers to alter images and audio files.

04:05:34 on 16 Jul

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Honor is expected to soon launch two new mid-range smartphones, dubbed Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro in China on July 23. According to the TENAA listing, both the devices will feature a 6.59-inch full HD+ display with a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels. They will come with up to 8GB of RAM paired with up to 256GB of internal storage expandable via a microSD card.

08:57:01 on 16 Jul

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Education through machines is a reality. From industry to business and to education now, it is time to lose our reservations and embrace artificial intelligence. With better use of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality and other technologies, participation can become scalable to allow engagement between teachers and classes of all sizes.

10:57:01 on 15 Jul

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Huawei announced on Monday that its new Huawei Watch GT Active is now available in India. The smartwatch was launched in March this year, alongside the Huawei P30 series phones. Huawei's Watch GT Active is available exclusively on Flipkart starting today. The company claims its Watch GT Classic has received a good response in India.

07:28:11 on 15 Jul

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LG recently launched its new W series phones in India. The LG W30 is an affordable smartphone that promises reliable hardware, great design, and decent cameras at an affordable price of just Rs. 9,999. But in a segment that's already crowded with several smartphones, does the LG W30 stand a chance? We decided to find out.

04:43:21 on 15 Jul

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City services in Baltimore, Maryland, were paralysed earlier this year when a ransomware attack locked up computer networks and made it impossible for residents to make transactions. Officials refused to meet hacker demands for a ransom of $76,000 to unlock the systems, but have been saddled with an estimated $18 million in costs of restoring the networks.

04:31:03 on 15 Jul

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2019 has been a busy year for the Realme. It has launched five smartphones in India by mid-July and also made its entry into the Chinese smartphone market. Realme is also concentrating on offline sales this year in India in order to grab the user base from Samsung. It looks like the company is planning to have a smartphone at every price point in the budget segment.

03:05:07 on 15 Jul

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Researchers have developed an AI-based system that can figure out spoilers in online reviews of books and TV shows. "Spoilers are everywhere on the Internet and are very common on social media. As Internet users, we understand the pain of spoilers, and how they can ruin one's experience," said one of the paper's senior authors, Ndapa Nakashole.

02:05:01 on 15 Jul

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Ebola in DR Congo: Case confirmed in Goma

The Democratic Republic of Congo has confirmed the first case of Ebola in the eastern city of Goma, home to more than a million people. The health ministry confirmed that a pastor tested positive for the virus in a center in Goma after arriving there by bus on Sunday. The ministry says that the risk of the disease spreading is low.

09:10:04 on 15 Jul

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A technical snag has forced the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to defer the much-awaited launch of the first Indian mission to the moon wherein the country’s unmanned spacecraft was planned to land on the surface of the moon. It is being speculated that a fuel leakage in a valve is the reason for the deferment of the launch, but it needs to be verified.

06:49:37 on 15 Jul

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It’s been nearly 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing. Neil Armstrong’s iconic footprint is still there, undisturbed; there’s no atmosphere, no wind on the moon to blow it away. But the bigger human footprint on the moon is, arguably, the 96 bags of human waste left behind by the six Apollo missions that landed there.

10:27:02 on 13 Jul

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The US government will levy a staggering $5 billion fine against Facebook for violating its users’ privacy, stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook investors are celebrating. Wall Street pushed the value of Facebook shares up slightly, to nearly $205, after the news of the upcoming FTC penalty surfaced this afternoon, via the Wall Street Journal.

09:05:28 on 13 Jul

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The moon has forever been a fascinating object for man to ponder upon, and let lose a series of ideas which includes studying the moon surface or landing actual humans on the moon. India's tryst with the moon kicked off in October 2008 when the Indian Space Agency ISRO launched the first Indian lunar probe which was called the Chandrayaan 1.

04:48:01 on 13 Jul

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The moon has forever been a fascinating object for man to ponder upon, and let lose a series of ideas which includes studying the moon surface or landing actual humans on the moon. India's tryst with the moon kicked off in October 2008 when the Indian Space Agency ISRO launched the first Indian lunar probe which was called the Chandrayaan 1.

04:45:01 on 13 Jul

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Apple Inc’s top-end iPhones, assembled in India by Foxconn’s local unit, are likely to hit Indian stores next month, a source said, potentially helping the tech giant drop prices in the world’s second-biggest smartphone market. Some approvals are pending, but the India-made iPhone XR and XS devices are expected to hit the market by August, the source said.

05:05:08 on 12 Jul

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Google is taking another shot at building a social networking platform. Google has developed a new social networking platform called Shoelace. The app focuses on helping people engage in real life. Similar to interest-based matchmaking apps, it encourages users to connect with shared interests through in person activities.

02:42:53 on 12 Jul

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Oppo is set to launch its new mid-range smartphone, Oppo K3 in India on July 19. The company has now revealed that it is partnering with Amazon to launch the device. The e-commerce site has already started taking registrations of interest on its website with the Notify Me button on the device page. Oppo K3 comes with a 6.5-inch full HD+ AMOLED display.

02:11:31 on 12 Jul

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Xiaomi Redmi K20 ‘alpha sale’ opens

Xiaomi is set to launch its Redmi K20 series in India on July 17. Touted as “Flagship Killer 2.0”, Redmi K20 series is set to take on the likes of OnePlus 7 & other affordable premium smartphones in India. Ahead of the official launch, Xiaomi is hosting an ‘alpha sale’ for the Redmi K20 and Redmi K20 Pro. Xiaomi’s alpha sale for Redmi K20 opens today at 12 noon on

11:20:08 on 12 Jul

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WhatsApp is working on adding a new quick edit media shortcut, which will be rolling out in its coming updates, according to a report by WABetaInfo. The feature is currently under development and isn’t yet available for everyone. However, it is being said that due to this being a very minor feature it will be enabled very soon.

08:27:02 on 12 Jul

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Apple has disabled its Walkie Talkie app on Apple Watch after it discovered a vulnerability which could allow people to listen to the conversation of a Watch user through the help of an iPhone, TechCrunch reported. The Apple Watch’s Walkie Talkie app allows two users to do audio chats among each other through a push to talk interface.

10:42:02 on 11 Jul

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As it turns out, some units of the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone have a weird shutdown bug that randomly causes phones to either shut down completely or restart. This is being reported on the OnePlus online forums by users who have had to go through the frustration of seeing their phone shut down or reboot while they were using it.

09:57:01 on 11 Jul

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The tech giant earlier this year launched an app called the Live Transcribe app that enables people connect with the world around them by transcribing conversations in real-time. The app, which is available for Android devices, uses a host of tools, both hardware and software, to enable people to follow a communication that they otherwise would have been excluded from.

09:27:02 on 11 Jul

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Black holes are one of the most complex entities in the universe and modern science is still unable to answer questions regarding these cosmic bodies. Now, a new study has revealed that two black holes are now heading towards a cosmic collision. Even though these two are already emitting gravitational waves, these waves will not reach us for billions of years.

08:27:02 on 11 Jul

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It’s no secret that the government snoops on citizens. The assembly of a surveillance state is helped by a number of willing private companies, and today, there are discussions about having AI systems watch CCTV footage, while building 360-degree profiles from our different social media profiles.

07:58:29 on 11 Jul

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A new smartphone malware called "Agent Smith" has been found that has infected 25 million devices worldwide, including 15 million in India, Check Point Research claims. The malware disguises itself as a Google-related application and then replaces installed applications with malicious versions of them using known Android vulnerabilities without users' knowledge.

06:18:22 on 11 Jul

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While users still wait for WhatsApp to get dark mode feature, the Facebook-owned messaging app is busy trying out other things to release. Reliable tipster WABetaInfo suggests that pretty soon, WhatsApp will let its users edit a photo before sending to their contacts. This feature has been spotted in the beta version by the tipster.

04:40:39 on 11 Jul

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The Galaxy Tab S5e is Samsung’s latest attempt to make an iPad rival. There’s a 10.5-inch Super AMOLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor and AKG-tuned speaker. Here is our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e.

04:20:19 on 11 Jul

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We are yet to see the iPhone or rather the iPhones that will be released this year in 2019. But already there are rumours about the iPhone 2020 -- will it be called the iPhone 12 -- coming in. An analyst believes that the iPhone 202 will sport a narrower bezel and hence look much better.

03:21:27 on 11 Jul

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Hong Kong-based Transsion Holdings' smartphone brand Tecno Mobile is set to launch a new budget smartphone sub-brand 'Spark' in India soon, a senior company executive said here on Wednesday. Tecno will soon have presence in three price segments - Rs. 5,000-Rs 10,000, Rs. 8,000-Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 12,000-Rs. 15,000.

01:13:11 on 11 Jul

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Britain’s state-run health service is teaming up with Amazon to provide medical advice for common ailments such as migraines and flu via the tech giant’s voice assistant Alexa, aiming to help more patients at home and cut down on costs. The plan is to give patients access to information verified by the National Health Service (NHS) by using voice commands.

09:05:00 on 11 Jul

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As Chinese players continue to flood the market with low-end smart TVs, South Korean major LG has shifted its focus to expensive organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TVs as it aims to target customers with deep pockets. On Wednesday, it launched a range of OLED TVs which priced between Rs 209,990 and Rs 10,99,990 in India.

08:27:01 on 11 Jul

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Sturgeon were America's vanishing dinosaurs, armor-plated beasts that crowded the nation's rivers until mankind's craving for caviar pushed them to the edge of extinction. More than a century later, some populations of the massive bottom-feeding fish are showing signs of recovery in the dark corners of U.S. waterways.

07:35:02 on 10 Jul

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June 2019 has marked one full year of stumbling sales in the Indian auto industry. The passenger vehicle (PV) segment has recorded a slump of 17.54 percent in June 2019 selling 225,732 units against 273,748 units which were sold a year ago. If the de-growth in the industry continues further, there is a risk of capital blockage.

05:10:50 on 10 Jul

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With just four days to go, ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 has to be one of India’s most highly anticipated deep space missions. The second Chandrayaan, which means ‘moon vehicle’, will carry 13 Indian payloads, and one passive experiment from NASA. If Chandrayaan-2 succeeds in its mission, India will become the fourth country in the world to make a soft landing on the moon.

02:41:46 on 10 Jul

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OnePlus Launcher has received a new update, and it brings new features to the Hidden Space. It essentially enabled fingerprint or password PIN authentication for the Hidden Space feature, allowing users to add one more level of security to their private data. The Hidden Space feature was launched last year, and it allows you to hide applications from your main app drawer.

02:02:40 on 10 Jul

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Twitter now prohibits hate speech that targets religious groups by using dehumanizing language, a ban it says may extend to other categories like race and gender. The social network already bars hateful language directed at individual religious adherents. It also bans hate speech on the basis of someone’s race, gender and other categories.

01:04:47 on 10 Jul

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It's almost here, folks. That's right, Amazon Prime Day is one week away! And this year, it runs a full 48 hours July 15-16. Many products will be on sale throughout the duration of Prime Day, but if the fun is the flash deals. But you gotta be quick. So here's your guide to making the most out of the Cyber Monday of Summer.

08:10:02 on 09 Jul

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Nokia 9 PureView is now reportedly receiving a new update, and it brings the latest July 2019 Android Security Patch along with camera improvements. The latest security patch comes just a week after it was released for Pixel phones. HMD Global has been pretty successful in its promise of fast and timely software support.

01:20:29 on 09 Jul

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Sony announced the newest addition to its compact camera line-up in India with the Sony RX0 II. The premium camera is pitched as the world’s smallest. The camera was launched by the company first in Europe in May with a retail price of Euro 800, which is around Rs 61,500. Sony has not revealed the India pricing of the Sony RX0 II, but it is available for pre-orders now.

08:04:41 on 09 Jul

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A surveillance camera backed up with AI enabled algorithms for facial recognition can read the look in a hooked gambler’s eyes. A recent article in Los Angeles Times, provided by Bloomberg, speaks of how hidden cameras and facial recognition technology are being used by casinos in Macau to spot inveterate gamblers to peel them off from the casual crowd.

10:57:02 on 08 Jul

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Netflix’s “Stranger Things” is back for a third season and for those who lived through the 1980s and 90s, Stranger Things brings back fond memories of the pop-music scene, fashion, cinema and gadgets at that time. If you have already watched all the three seasons of The Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi series, then you might already be aware of the gadget references.

07:46:55 on 08 Jul

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A gamer who inadvertently broadcast audio of himself striking his pregnant partner while playing the online video game Fortnite pleaded guilty to assault in a Sydney court Monday. Luke Munday, 26, admitted to hitting his partner after she repeatedly told him to stop playing the popular video game last December, public broadcaster ABC reported.

05:42:07 on 08 Jul

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Tech giant Microsoft's virtual keyboard app SwiftKey has received a new update in its Beta version that has brought 3D AR-based animal emojis - called 'puppets' - to the app. The feature allows users to transfer their facial expressions to a panda, cat, dog, owl, or even a dinosaur.

04:45:16 on 08 Jul

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Xiaomi Redmi K20, Redmi K20 Pro will launch on July 17 and this was confirmed by the company’s India head Manu Kumar Jain in a tweet. Ahead of Redmi K20 series official debut, Flipkart has put out a teaser page for the series suggesting it will be exclusive to the platform. The launch date has been mentioned as well.

04:13:20 on 08 Jul

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Scientists have developed a new technique that could make smartphone and TV displays brighter, with better contrast and longer life. To ensure that it is possible to see the images from such screens on a bright sunny day, OLED screens are covered with an anti-glare filter, said researchers at Imperial College London in the UK.

03:28:13 on 08 Jul

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Renault Duster facelift: What to expect

Renault is all set to give the Duster a new lease of life, with a thoroughly updated version scheduled to launch on 8 July. The 2019 model will get an aesthetic makeover as well as additional features, while no mechanical changes are expected. With its competitive prices (Rs 7.99 lakh to Rs 13.09 lakh), the Duster rivals both subcompact and compact SUVs.

02:35:05 on 08 Jul

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Apple's Steve Jobs was singular in his ability to take a company "on a path to die" and turn it into the world's most valuable -- in part by "casting spells," billionaire Bill Gates said. Gates spoke of Jobs, the Apple Inc. co-founder and CEO who died of pancreatic cancer in 2011, in a segment on leadership to be broadcast Sunday on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS."

02:05:03 on 08 Jul

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On 28 September 2014, a little less than a month before Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Mahek M Shah launched the Swachh Bharat App, through which citizens could take a picture of a given civic problem. Twitter would auto-compose the message, tagging various authorities including the Prime Minister’s Office.

12:05:01 on 08 Jul

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In a “GM satyagraha”, styled after M.K. Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement in the pre-Independence era, a farmers’ organisation named Shetkari Sanghatana has launched a full-fledged protest against the state and has been sowing HTBt seeds. These farmers gathered at the farm of Lalit Bahale, a local leader, in Akoli village and, as a token protest, sowed the seeds.

09:38:04 on 08 Jul

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The process to evaluate an employee's performance can be stressful for both the employee and the employer. To make things easier, researchers have created a mobile-sensing system using smartphones, fitness bracelets and a custom app. The system works by monitoring the physical, emotional and behavioural well-being of workers to classify high and low performers.

07:47:47 on 08 Jul

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Apple iPhone 11 or iPhone XI series will come with one major change: A triple camera at the back, and so far there have been plenty of leaks and images renders showing this. The latest one comes from Forbes, who have shared images of the iPhone 11 where the camera bump at the back is massive and clearly visible.

11:57:01 on 07 Jul

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Not fashionistas, lifestyle gurus or comedians, the new — and bizarre — influencers in India are men who cry on TikTok. In the 15-second videos, these men do everything between weeping and wailing. The garden-variety Indian man prides himself on his masculinity and his impenetrable ego.

10:57:01 on 07 Jul

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Sony has announced a new set of truly wireless earbuds Sony WF-1000XM3. The highlight of the premium high-end earbuds is its noise cancellation technology and extended battery life. The Sony WF-1000XM3 has been launched globally and it will be available in mid-August across various markets.

05:40:31 on 07 Jul

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After a brief lull brand Nokia is in news again. We know from Nokia India tweets that the Nokia 9 PureView, with its five rear cameras, will be soon launching in India. But Nokia 9 PureView is not the only phone creating buzz. There is also a mystery Nokia phone that has leaked on the web, showing that Nokia is hoping to launch another camera-centric phone soon.

02:19:12 on 07 Jul

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Huawei wants to cut down its dependency on Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system. In an interview with French Magazine Le Point, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said that the company’s HongMeng operating system is more than a replacement for Android. The executive said that the in-house operating system isn’t limited to smartphones or tablet.

11:46:12 on 07 Jul

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Lenovo has launched its new smart band Cardio 2 in India at a price of Rs 1,499. The latest fitness tracking wearable comes with a 24-hour continuous dynamic heart rate monitor. The Lenovo Cardio 2 is packed with a 100mAh battery which the company claims can last up to 20 days on a single charge.

01:48:08 on 06 Jul

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Ever since 2007's original iPhone launched with a tiny 3.5-inch display, screen sizes have been steadily increasing. Just a few years ago, a display bigger than 5 inches was considered enormous, but now it's very difficult to find handsets smaller than that. The 6.1-inch model is likely to be a successor to the iPhone XR.

02:55:01 on 06 Jul

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PUBG Lite beta is finally available in India after a long wait. The game is currently available for every player that pre-registered earlier this week. It is a toned down version of the popular battle royale game PUBG, which can run on low-end computers without compromising on the graphics or the experience.

07:59:44 on 05 Jul

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Xiaomi Redmi K20 series will launch in India on July 17. The latest smartphone series from Xiaomi features two phones including Redmi K20 Pro and Redmi K20. Both the phones have already launched in China. Ahead of the official launch, Xiaomi is advertising K20 Pro as the new ‘flagship killer’, a moniker associated with OnePlus’ phones.

06:36:30 on 05 Jul

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It was reported months ago that a man from Tamil Nadu had killed his friend after he uploaded a TikTok video of the former abusing residents of the village. He has now committed suicide apparently fearing conviction in the murder case. The man, identified as Venkatraman from Tituttani, was reportedly found dead in the middle of bushes by the villagers of Thazhavedu.

04:48:31 on 05 Jul

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A OnePlus phone caught fire earlier this week despite being in switched off and unplugged mode, its user Rahul Himalian reported. User said he woke up “suddenly by suffocating and nauseating fumes generated” by his “fuming and flaming One Plus One Mobile.” According to user, the incident took place on July 3.

04:39:59 on 05 Jul

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An alleged new render of the upcoming Huawei Mate 30 Pro smartphone has popped up online. The render shows a quad camera set up in an interesting new circular design. While earlier rumours had indicated the presence of a rectangular camera module, an alleged glass back of the Mate 30 Pro had surfaced online recently, showing a circular camera cutout.

11:35:45 on 05 Jul

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Samsung is facing a lawsuit in Australia after the the country’s competition commission said the company misled consumers with false advertising over claims of water resistance. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said Samsung did not conduct sufficient testing to know the actual effects of freshwater or saltwater exposure on its phones.

07:57:01 on 05 Jul

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I wish Harry Potter: Wizards unite transported me to a world of magic and mystery. But as I’ve played more of the game, it’s become harder to shake the feeling that, fundamentally, all it does is extend the brand into the everyday. It is yet another example of the already imperfect, messy franchise entangled with an even more complex reality.

03:57:01 on 05 Jul

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Addiction of Imagery

Is human communication returning to the age of hieroglyphics? The outrage online in response to an image-loading crash suffered on Thursday by Facebook and its other apps, WhatsApp and Instagram, would suggest as much. Regular old text messages had no problem fanning out across the globe.

10:42:01 on 04 Jul

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Genetic testing used to be something that happened in a specialist clinic for those few families that had serious inherited conditions, like Huntington’s Disease or rare cancers. Now, new genetic tests called “polygenic risk scores” have increased access to genetic risk information for a wide range of conditions.

10:25:02 on 04 Jul

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What is artificial gravity?

In films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Martian, imaginary spacecraft generate their own gravity by spinning around in space. This is artificial gravity, which so far as existed only in science fiction. Now, a team from the University of Colorado at Boulder is working on making such technology a reality.

09:42:02 on 04 Jul

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Samsung is facing a lawsuit in Australia after the country’s competition commission said the company misled consumers with false advertising over claims of water resistance. Is an IP68 rated smartphone really safe to be used in a swimming pool? Can you take this phone to the beach for a dip in the ocean? Here’s what you need to keep in mind about IP ratings.

07:04:52 on 04 Jul

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This week Twitter pushed sponsored tweets advertising a piece of spyware that is marketed to spy on a spouse. The advert heavily suggested the monitoring could be done without the subject's consent. The news shows how companies selling consumer spyware—sometimes known as stalker- or spouseware leverage platforms to try and get more customers.

06:23:10 on 04 Jul

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