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When Google released the Pixel 3 phones back in October, it had showcased a new camera mode called ‘Night Sight’, which promised to drastically improve low-light performance. Night Sight is now officially rolling out to Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 phones, and will be made available on these devices over the next couple of days.

01:55:01 on 16 Nov

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YouTube is about to crown a new king. T-Series, one of India's largest record labels, will become the most-subscribed channel on the world's most popular video site in the next couple weeks. At the beginning of the year, the company had 30 million fans, fewer than half of the following for No. 1 PewDiePie, the Swedish video-game geek whose real name is Felix Kjellberg.

09:25:01 on 15 Nov

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Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi shipped 11.7 million units and became the top brand in the Indian market with 27.3 per cent share in the third quarter this year, with Samsung at second spot, the IDC said on Thursday. This is the first time when the smartphone market is at par with the feature phone market, each contributing 50 per cent to the overall mobile phone market.

08:10:04 on 15 Nov

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A “super-Earth” has been discovered orbiting the closest single star to our Sun, scientists said Wednesday in a breakthrough that could shine a light on Earth’s nearest planetary neighbours. Astronomers studied Barnard’s Star, a red dwarf just six light years away and noticed the presence of a “frozen, dimly lit world” at least 3.2 times heavier than Earth.

05:10:03 on 15 Nov

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Apple CEO Tim Cook would probably be more cautious when he says anything against Facebook. Following the CEO's remark on Facebook and its handling of user privacy, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly ordered his employees to stop using Apple products. He was so enraged by Tim Cook's remarks that he instructed executives to stop using iPhones in favour of Android devices.

03:10:01 on 15 Nov

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The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 has been launched in India at Rs 2.50 lakh, while the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 has been priced at Rs 2.65 lakh. Both prices at ex-showroom India. bookings for the Royal Enfield Twins had begun some time ago. The highlight of the two motorcycles is the new 650cc parallel twin engine developed by Royal Enfield.

01:05:01 on 15 Nov

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The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating sightings of unidentified flying objects and bright lights off the coast of Ireland after receiving similar reports from several commercial pilots. According to BBC, at 06:47 local time on Friday, a British Airways pilot contacted the Shannon air traffic control to report something "moving so fast".

01:26:01 on 15 Nov

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West Bengal celebrates Rosogolla Day

There are some foods that can divide us, one of them being Rosogolla. Only last year was the long drawn bitter tussle between Odisha and West Bengal regarding the origin of this signature sweetmeat put to rest, with the GI authorities in Chennai ruling in favour of Bengal. But the truth is, there might have been no Rosogolla without the Portuguese at all.

12:55:01 on 15 Nov

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Samsung refreshed its mid-segment Galaxy J-series with two phones – Galaxy J4+ and Galaxy J6+. The two phones are identical in terms of specifications, except for camera configurations. The more expensive Galaxy J6+ gets dual rear cameras and an 8MP camera on the front, while Galaxy J4+ features a single rear camera and a 5MP front shooter.

09:40:02 on 14 Nov

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ASUS has had a successful inning this year in the budget midrange segment with the out-of-the-box Zenfone Max Pro M1. The handset offered exceptional value for money with a highly compelling package — a large 5000mAh battery, an efficient Snapdragon 636 SoC and a stock Android interface.

07:10:02 on 14 Nov

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India's heaviest rocket - Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV-Mk III)-- carrying 3,423 kg communication satellite GSAT-29 blasted off from the Sriharikota spaceport on Wednesday evening. The 43.4-metre rocket weighing about 640 tonne rushed to the blue skies with thick orange flame at its rear.

05:52:40 on 14 Nov

The Facebook crackdown on accounts engaged in "coordinated inauthentic behaviour" on its platform and on Instagram continues. "Combined with our takedown last Monday, we have removed 36 Facebook accounts, six Pages and 99 Instagram accounts for coordinated inauthentic behaviour," Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Cybersecurity Policy, said in a blog post on Wednesday.

05:25:02 on 14 Nov

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Microsoft hasn’t had a great time with Windows 10 in 2018. Earlier this year Microsoft delayed its April Windows 10 update due to last minute Blue Screen of Death issues and then had to fix desktop and Chrome freezing issues after it shipped to more than 600 million devices. Microsoft released its October 2018 Update and was forced to pull it offline after a few days.

05:25:01 on 14 Nov

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When OnePlus launched OnePlus 6 earlier this year, it called it its most sophisticated phone yet. Hardly six months later, it has followed it up with the 6T, with some noticeable upgrades. The biggest change on the OnePlus 6T is the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and the provision of the in-display fingerprint sensor.

10:55:01 on 13 Nov

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The tablet market has been shrinking over the years as the initial euphoria failed to translate into sustained sales for the segment. But that does not mean there are no other good tablets in the market. In fact, Samsung, which had a lot of options in the segment once, has just launched the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 which could give it some traction in the space.

10:40:01 on 13 Nov

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The alluring but poisonous mix of politics and religion is usually brewed at the cost of compassion, secularism and vulnerable minority groups. Every election, these warts on Indian democracy re-appear, as religious polarisation becomes a dominant agenda for our political class. Inevitably, critical issues get sidelined.

10:27:01 on 13 Nov

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Why young Indians aren’t on Twitter

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey wants young Indians to tweet their hearts out, but the micro-blogging website doesn’t appear to be the most popular social media platform for his target group, the 18-to-30-year-olds. On his India trip, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sought to pitch Twitter as a platform to effect change, but India’s young swear by other social networks.

09:27:01 on 13 Nov

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Indian Space Research Organisation is scheduled to launch the communication satellite GSAT-29, on November 14. Despite initial concerns by ISRO that the cyclonic storm 'Gaja' might hinder the launch of the satellite, ISRO officials have now confirmed that the launch will go ahead as scheduled. This is the fifth launch by ISRO this year.

03:55:01 on 13 Nov

NASA’s Juno spacecraft has beamed back a stunning image of Jupiter, showing the gas giant’s multitude of colourful, swirling clouds. The image captures a several bright-white ‘pop-up’ clouds as well as an anticyclonic storm, known as a white oval, in Jupiter’s dynamic North Temperate Belt.

02:40:02 on 13 Nov

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp on Tuesday announced that it has selected 20 research teams worldwide - including experts from India and those of Indian origin -- who will work towards how misinformation spreads and what additional steps the mobile messaging platform could take to curb fake news. WhatsApp received proposals from over 600 research teams around the world.

12:26:01 on 13 Nov

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OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei last month had announced that the company will launch a 5G smartphone in early 2019. Based on OnePlus’ product upgrade cycle it was believed that OnePlus 7 will be the first OnePlus phone to feature 5G using Snapdragon X50 modem. It will not have 5G but the company will still launch a new phone with the next-generation wireless technology.

02:40:01 on 12 Nov

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Is there a serious heating issue with Google’s Pixel 3 phone? The phone acting out while charging was reported earlier, but then the issue faded away. However, now a new set of complaints have started hitting different online forums with some Google Pixel 3 owners posting videos on YouTube even. The complaints are of different types.

01:41:01 on 12 Nov

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Do your children’s apps give them the hard sell? Children are being exposed to a host of inappropriate advertising techniques via their games and apps. The best fun and educational software that won’t bombard impressionable brains with aggressive adverts or adult content. Sizzle & Stew is a two-player cooking game in which you can experiment with different foods/

02:55:01 on 12 Nov

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Technology has gradually become a part of almost every aspect of human life as it leaves a mark in different fields. While it has changed the way people interact, art is also seeing a transformation thanks to innovations like artificial intelligence. In a possible indication of what the future of art will look like, a portrait painted by use of AI was sold for $432,500.

12:25:01 on 12 Nov

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The world’s largest supercomputer designed to work in the same way as the human brain has been switched on for the first time. The newly formed million-processor-core Spiking Neural Network Architecture (SpiNNaker) machine is capable of completing more than 200 million actions per second, with each of its chips having 100 million transistors.

11:25:01 on 11 Nov

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Russia, the US, China and the Netherlands were the top countries from where cybercriminals attacked users in India, with over 6.95 lakh such incidents according to cyber-security firm F-Secure. The report said India ranks 21st in the global tally with 6,95,396 attacks hackers across various countries. However, India took the 13th spot in terms of hackers initiating attacks

06:26:29 on 11 Nov

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Facebook is encouraging grooming by offering teenage girls "friend suggestions" of middle-aged men, according to reports. Teenage girls who join the social network are given up to 300 suggestions for who they can add as friends, some of which include middle-aged men. Facebook has said that was not a typical experience for teenagers for signing up for the service.

03:04:12 on 11 Nov

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Hundreds of youngsters are feared to have fallen prey to ‘customised death groups’ operating online. The police stumbled upon this finding while investigating the back-to-back incidents of teen suicides reported in Wayanad district. It was found that the victims were following groups like ‘Psycho_chekkan’ on Instagram, which glorifies suicide and solitude.

12:44:15 on 11 Nov

New age hackers are taking advantage of the convenience of browser or app-based push notifications to inject malicious links which when clicked can contain offensive or inappropriate material which could further lead to viruses and malware. The McAfee researcher suggested following Google’s guide to customise which sites to receive push notifications from.

10:27:02 on 11 Nov

Twitter Inc made another attempt to make users’ tallies of followers more accurate on Friday, subtracting millions of suspicious followers which had reappeared on the social media service since a major purge in July. Twitter is under pressure to tackle its problem of fake users, which are a turn-off for investors and advertisers and have led to scrutiny from US Congress.

05:25:01 on 11 Nov

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NASA to send organs-on-chips to space

NASA is planning to send small devices containing human cells in a 3D matrix — known as tissue chips or organs-on-chips — to the International Space Station (ISS) to test how they respond to stress, drugs and genetic changes. The “Tissue Chips in Space” initiative seeks to better understand the role of microgravity on human health and disease, NASA said.

04:55:01 on 11 Nov

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China will have robot news readers ahead

Chinese news readers may have some new competition - artificially intelligent robot anchors that can mimic human facial expressions and mannerisms while reading out reports. The AI anchor, developed by state news agency Xinhua and tech firm Sogou Inc was on display at the World Internet Conference in the eastern Chinese town of Wuzhen, drawing in curious passers-by.

03:55:01 on 11 Nov

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The potential use cases for artificial intelligence are numerous in nature. Various airports across Europe are using this technology to perform a lie detector test. Passengers will be questioned by this AI interface at border checkpoints to ensure they have nothing to hide. A radical approach that will undoubtedly meet plenty of criticism.

02:25:02 on 11 Nov

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Best rugged phones you can buy in India

Most flagship phones including the iPhone and Galaxy series come with IP certification. These handsets can withstand water and dust. But if you are looking for a truly rugged phone, you need to aim for nothing short of MIL-STD-810 stds. These devices are made to withstand transit drops, low pressure, sudden temperature variations, humidity, and prolonged solar exposure.

11:25:01 on 10 Nov

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North Korea-based infamous hacking group Lazarus is estimated to have stolen tens of millions of dollars from ATMs from banks in Asia and Africa, a new report from cyber security firm Symantec has revealed. The operation, known as "FASTCash", enabled Lazarus to fraudulently empty ATMs of cash.

02:26:13 on 10 Nov

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At the Samsung Developer Conference a few days ago, the company showed off their new One UI based on Android Pie and promised a global rollout by January 2019. One UI is supposed to be a drastic upgrade from Samsung Experience 9.0 and will aid single-handed usage on all Samsung smartphones.

05:26:02 on 10 Nov

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Google’s most hyped Pixel 3 has been on the shelves for a while and with a premium price tag, it’s mostly out of reach for those who care for their wallet as well. Google brought down the price of the older Pixel 2 XL drastically, but the slightly older underlying technology makes it a tough sell over the likes of the OnePlus 6T and ASUS Zenfone 5z.

02:26:01 on 10 Nov

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Xiaomi has launched two new laptops – Mi Notebook Air 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch. Both the laptops are powered by Intel’s 8-generation Cor i3 chipset and run on Windows 10 Home Edition. Prices of the new laptops start at CNY 3,999 (Rs 41,000 approximately). Xiaomi’s new laptops will go on sale on November 11 in China.

01:25:01 on 10 Nov

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Tesla is ringing all the right bells for the past couple of months as far as their automotive business is concerned. The all-electric car manufacturer, not too long ago, launched the affordable Model 3 sedan that received an unprecedented amount of booking. But then, the production delays resulted in a lot of backlash.

12:25:02 on 10 Nov

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Samsung has announced that it joined the Partnership on AI to benefit people and society (PAI).
Founded in 2016, PAI is a technology industry consortium that conducts research and discussion, shares insights, provides thought leadership, identifies new areas for AI application, and creates informational materials to advance the understanding of AI technologies.

11:55:01 on 09 Nov

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Korean researchers have developed an artificial tactile sensor that mimics the ability of the human skin to detect surface information such as shapes, patterns and structures. The device may be one step closer to making electronic devices and robots that can perceive sensations such as roughness and smoothness.

11:25:01 on 09 Nov

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If you’re looking for a great phone that ranks high on style and comes loaded with features, then the Honor 8X is just for you. With its amazing camera, impressive performance and sleek appearance, this newly launched phone clearly stands out from the clutter. Honestly, who doesn’t like to flaunt their phones these days?

10:40:02 on 09 Nov

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The Chinese government has for the first time recruited 31 high school students to take part in an experimental AI-driven programme to develop intelligent weapons systems at the elite Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). The 31 students, including four girls, will be the first batch to take the four-year course of “experimental programme for intelligent weapons systems”.

02:25:01 on 09 Nov

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Intelligence agencies are vigilant of the shift IS modules in the state are making to the Wickr communication app from Telegram, that is keeping the cyber monitoring departments of all enforcement wings on their toes. Up until now, IS sympathisers were using Telegram; an app which agencies could tap into to access the messages being circulated on the phones of suspects.

02:10:01 on 09 Nov

Facebook has removed more than 14 million "pieces of terrorist content" on its platform till September this year that was related to the Islamic State (IS), Al-Qaeda and their affiliates. In the second quarter (April-June) 2018, Facebook took action on 9.4 million pieces of terror content, the majority of which was old material surfaced using specialised techniques.

01:11:01 on 09 Nov

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Facebook is planning to roll out a new update to Messenger that will allow users to delete sent messages from chat threads within 10 minutes of sending. A Twitter user spotted the feature listed as "coming soon" in the release notes for version 191.0 of Messenger's iOS client, The Verge reported on Wednesday.

02:25:02 on 08 Nov

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Samsung unveiled its much-awaited foldable smartphone in a bid to shake up a smartphone business awash with black, shiny rectangles that look increasingly similar. At its conference Wednesday for software developers in San Francisco, the company previewed what it called an Infinity Flex Display, and announced new software for controlling the large phone.

01:10:01 on 08 Nov

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Xiaomi announce Mi AirDots Youth Edition

Ever since Apple launched the AirPods back in 2016, virtually every other brand is unveiling their own pair of truly wireless earphones with the aim of disrupting the market. Xiaomi, a brand that has continuously launched products in practically all tech categories have come up with their own true wireless earphones — the Mi AirDots Youth Edition.

04:55:02 on 08 Nov

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Software engineer Samee Alam wanted to buy an iPhone in this week’s Diwali festival sales, but at the last minute he opted for cheaper Chinese competitor OnePlus instead. In a country where the average per capita income is around $2,000 a year, even the cheapest of this year’s new iPhones, the XR at RS 77K, costs twice as much as many of the alternatives.

01:26:01 on 08 Nov

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This year we have seen a plethora of new releases from Nokia and their handsets range from the budget segment to the mid-range. While all of these handsets have done really well in reviews and continue to sell well in the market, we are yet to see a flagship smartphone from one of the most popular mobile phone manufacturer in the world.

11:25:01 on 07 Nov

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U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden urged Israelis to be on guard against heavy-handed government and private surveillance in a speech by video link on Tuesday and defended his 2013 massive leak of classified documents. Mr. Snowden highlighted Israel's high-tech capabilities, but warned that accepting too much government surveillance posed serious risks.

12:57:02 on 07 Nov

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Facebook Inc blocked about 115 user accounts after US authorities tipped it off to suspicious behavior that may be linked to a foreign entity, the company said in a blog post on Monday, hours before US voters head to the polls. Facebook said it needed to do further analysis to decide if the accounts are linked to Russia’s Internet Research Agency or another group.

12:26:01 on 07 Nov

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Britain’s information watchdog has asked Facebook’s lead European regulator to investigate how the company targets, monitors and shows adverts to users, saying it was concerned about some practices at the world’s biggest social network. Britain’s Information Commissioner has been investigating the use of data analytics to influence politics .

11:57:01 on 07 Nov

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In a major security breach, data of most of the banks operating in Pakistan has been hacked, a media report said Tuesday quoting a senior cyber crime official. The disclosure comes days after around 10 banks blocked all international transactions on their cards, following concerns raised about a breach of credit and debit card data, Geo News reported.

05:25:01 on 07 Nov

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Mobile applications in the category of shopping, video and games are expected to see 60 per cent more users by 2019, according to a report published by Foxconn and Mediatek funded apps distribution firm Momagic. The report showed 94 per cent surge in demand for news applications followed by 80 per cent rise in social network apps.

04:55:01 on 07 Nov

It’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is one of the most searched technological terms in Google; however, ironically this function itself is also executed by AI. This emerging technology has made its presence felt in every conceivable domain. Automation is changing the way businesses operate. Automated services and machines are increasing speed and productivity.

03:55:01 on 07 Nov

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The Mahindra Alturas G4 is the automaker's upcoming flagship SUV and bookings have now begun for the offering ahead of its launch on November 24, 2018. Dealerships across the country have started accepting bookings for a token amount of ₹ 50,000, while deliveries will commence by the end of this month, soon after the launch.

12:25:01 on 07 Nov

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Honor 8X review: The midrange killer?

In the recent past, Honor seems to have changed its formula and appears to be playing its affordable card — offering smartphones with more value for less. The company's latest smartphone — Honor 8X, which goes all out as an affordable mid-ranger — seems to be a solid smartphone on paper.

11:56:01 on 06 Nov

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China unveiled a replica of its first permanently crewed space station, which would replace the international community’s orbiting laboratory and symbolises the country’s major ambitions beyond Earth. The 17-metre core module was a star attraction at the biennial Airshow China in the southern coastal city of Zhuhai, the country’s main aerospace industry exhibition.

10:25:01 on 06 Nov

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CPCB is mulling inducing artificial rain in Delhi after Diwali to wash away hazardous pollutants that is plaguing the national capital. A senior CPCB official said they are in talks with the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and the India IMD for inducing artificial rain after Diwali when the pollution is expected to reach "severe-plus emergency" stage.

07:57:01 on 06 Nov

The utility of the Amazon Echo Dot over the years, even though it was positioned as a smart speaker, was more about other tasks. Such as being a bedside or a workstation accessory, as an alarm clock or even to enable the Alexa access to a larger speaker that you may have had. It could have been used as a speaker all this while, but one would rather not.

04:40:02 on 06 Nov

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On a day when around 200 protesting devotees surrounded a woman and clapped and chanted 'Ayyappa saranam', to prevent her from entering the Sabarimala shrine, a RSS leader allegedly violated key traditions at the Sannidhanam or the inner courtyard of the temple. A devotee is only supposed to climb up the 18 steps with the an Irumudi Kettu on his head.

04:25:02 on 06 Nov

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Bill Gates thinks toilets are a serious business, and he’s betting big that a reinvention of this most essential of conveniences can save a half million lives and deliver $200 billion-plus in savings. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent $200 million over seven years funding sanitation research, showcased some 20 novel toilet and sludge-processing designs.

04:10:02 on 06 Nov

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A video link posted on Facebook on June 20 showed a man cooking human body parts in a pot over a wood fire. In Cameroon, the footage went viral. Some Facebook users said the man was a cannibal and that the video was shot in the country’s English-speaking west, where separatist insurgents are fighting to create a breakaway state.

05:25:01 on 06 Nov

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India is ranked 12th worldwide when it comes to the dangers associated with surfing the web, according to a recent report by a global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab. In the third quarter (July- September), 32.8 per cent of the users were attacked by web-borne threats in India.

02:25:01 on 06 Nov

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Bigger is better

With phones getting bigger this year — most flagships are nudging 6.4 inches — buyers see no value in a device only slightly larger, and minus the superior cameras of a smartphone. Samsung has smaller tablets — but its new model, Galaxy Tab A, brushes aside all comparisons with a phone, with a jumbo 10.5 inch screen.

11:55:02 on 05 Nov

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INS Arihant, India's first nuclear ballistic missile submarine, has completed its first deterrence patrol, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today. "I congratulate all those involved, especially the crew of INS Arihant for this accomplishment, which will always be remembered in our history," PM Modi said.

02:40:08 on 05 Nov

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If you are looking to get that perfect low-light shot this Diwali, the newly-launched iPhone XR is capable of beating all other camera-centric smartphones. According to Bengaluru-based photographer Ashish Parmar, the iPhone XR has a wide-angle lens - a 26mm f/1.8 lens - for portraits. So the field-of-view is quite a bit wider and the image compression is reduced.

11:10:01 on 05 Nov

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Diwali is just around the corner, and It is expected that consumers will find electronics or of the best segments to splurge money on. In an attempt to get consumers shop online, many e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart are offering massive discounts on iPads, game consoles, smart speakers, etc. Here is a list of the best tech to splurge on this Diwali.

06:10:02 on 05 Nov

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Redmi Note 5 successor is coming soon. According to reports, Xiaomi is going to unveil Redmi Note 6 series in China next week. The phone is expected to launch in India later this year. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro has already been unveiled in Thailand. Priced at Rs 15,500, Redmi Note 6 comes with new design and improvements in the camera department.

04:25:01 on 05 Nov

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There are many options out there for people who want to stay plugged to their music while on the go. The wireless neckband model is getting quite popular in this segment, especially among the more active users. Plantronics BackBeat FIT 350 is one such wireless earphone aimed at the sports enthusiasts.

02:25:02 on 04 Nov

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Twitter has deleted thousands of automated accounts, that were posting tweets encouraging US voters to sit out Tuesday's crucial midterm elections, according to media reports. The reports cited a Twitter statement Friday as saying the social media company had "removed a series of accounts for engaging in attempts to share disinformation, a violation of our policies."

09:57:01 on 03 Nov

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Hackers have gained access to private messages of nearly 120 million Facebook accounts and already published such messages from 81,000 accounts for generating money, the BBC reported. Several users whose details have been compromised were based in Ukraine and Russia but some were also from the UK, US, Brazil and elsewhere, the report said.

01:27:01 on 03 Nov

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Adding to the festive celebration, Paytm Mall has launched its week-long Maha Cashback Sale from 1st-7th November 2018. With it, prices of best-selling smartphones have taken a nosedive with exciting cash back on top of exclusive bank offers, exchange bonus, No-cost EMIs, and other as well as discounts.

11:25:01 on 02 Nov

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How Amazon is reinventing how we shop

The future of Amazon is starting to look a lot more complicated than just selling products on the internet. One of the company’s cashier-less Go convenience stores opened last week. Coupled with Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, these Go stores give us a glimpse into a future hybrid form of retail that Amazon could use to expand from e-commerce into real-world purchases

09:40:01 on 02 Nov

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The India Mobile Congress commenced recently in New Delhi. With tech giants like Samsung, Huawei, Reliance Jio, Nokia, Facebook and more in attendance, the event was a starry affair. It showcased technologies based on 5G network. Yes, you read it right. 5G is here and it promises to revolutionise the man-to-machine connect.

01:57:17 on 02 Nov

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A few years back, smartphones with 3GB RAM were touted as the powerful new Androids, while the iPhone was mocked for its 1GB RAM. Never mind that iPhone still worked smoothly than most Android phones, 1GB RAM and dual-core processor notwithstanding. The point I’m making is that in the Android world, conversation around phones has been dominated by specifications.

05:25:02 on 02 Nov

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If you are running across Fb looking for some fun, and if you know to read Malayalam, you should try spending time on the Kerala Police page. The posts & the troll videos, the funny replies for comments posted under them. They even ran a successful campaign to get more likes and as of now, Kerala Police page has the most number of followers, among police depts in India.

09:42:02 on 01 Nov

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Domestic manufacturing of mobile phones saw a significant increase in the third quarter of 2018, with almost 94% of the handsets being made in the country, a new report from CMR has said. According to CMR’s “India Mobile Handset Market Review Report”, India’s mobile handset market recorded 9% sequential growth during the quarter and smartphones grew sequentially by 29%.

09:25:01 on 01 Nov

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A Centre-run laboratory in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district has developed e-crackers that produce the same light and sound as traditional firecrackers without emitting any of the hazardous smoke that spike air pollution. Scientists at the CEERI in Pilani have recently developed four varieties of battery-fitted e-crackers, the electronic version of firecrackers.

08:25:01 on 01 Nov

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It has been a year of new features for WhatsApp. The messaging app is yet to add more features that will make WhatsApp not only more convenient but exciting as well. Last week, WhatsApp rolled out its stickers pack for iOS and Android users. WhatsApp has a bunch of stickers for characters like like Komo, Unchi and Rollie, and Shiba Inu.

06:55:01 on 01 Nov

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Chinese company Royole Corporation has launched what may be the world's first foldable phone. While the Samsung Galaxy ‘F’ or even the folding smartphone from LG and Huawei were on the table, Chinese manufacturer Rouyu has beaten them to the finish line. Royole said that the Flexpai offers years of use before any damage to the picture.

06:28:17 on 01 Nov

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WhatsApp vice-president Chris Daniels on Wednesday said the company is focussed on values like security and privacy to ensure that its product remains a utility that helps users communicate in everyday life. The Facebook-owned company, which has been asked by the Indian government to put in place a mechanism to clamp down fake messages on its platform.

05:35:59 on 01 Nov

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Twitter has said that it is giving its users more freedom to report fake, suspicious accounts to intensify a crackdown on online spamming activities a few days ahead of US midterms elections. Twitter will allow users to flag tweets as originating from a fake account or a bot which are impersonating as something or someone else, and mark them as "fake".

01:09:21 on 01 Nov

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Apple had last updated the Mac Mini back in 2014. Four years have passed since. Time has stood still for the Mac Mini. Four years is a very long time in the world of computing devices. The Q3 2018 numbers released in July, indicated that the Mac line-up of devices is not growing as well as expected.

03:55:01 on 01 Nov

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Smartron Review

Smartron is an Indian consumer tech company that makes products such as phones, hybrid laptops, and wearables. The Smartron is a fitness tracker that can monitor your blood pressure monitoring as well as take ECG (electrocardiogram) readings. It has an exercise mode and can track sleep as well.

12:25:01 on 01 Nov

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After months of incessant rumors that suggested that the iPad Pro line-up was due for a refresh, Apple has finally announced what’s new with the iPad Pro devices. For starters, there is now a new 11-inch iPad Pro. Secondly, the iPad Pro 12.9 has also received a complete update. However, the 10.5-inch iPad Pro variant will continue to sell alongside the new variants.

01:41:01 on 31 Oct

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Loop Reality, has launched a mobile app ‘WiT - What it Takes', an AI-based Assessment Tool. Hyderabad-based startup developed a VR-based solution PerspectAI, which helps employers understand a candidate has the competencies required for the job, has now launched a solution to map strengths of students and unemployed across sectors.

12:16:08 on 31 Oct

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In a significant operation earlier this month, the cyber cell of Delhi Police arrested 24 people who posed as Microsoft tech support staff and duped several US citizens. The real-time data analytics and sharing of key inputs with relevant law enforcement agencies helped bust 10 companies that were illegally running call centres at various places in Delhi.

12:25:01 on 31 Oct

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